How You Should Show Yourself Love This Valentine's Based on Your Sign

The month of February may be the shortest month of the year, but it is certainly not short of celebrations. Not only do we bring awareness and appreciation to Black History all month long, but we also get to celebrate the notorious day of love, Valentine’s Day! Sweet, rosy-red and lovely Valentine’s Day. It is a day where we get to express love and care to those closest to our hearts. (More importantly however, it’s the day before all chocolate goes on sale). A month filled with love, it is the perfect time to set intentions for self-love. How you may ask? Well the answers may all be within the stars. You see, the stars and astrology can be used as a tool to help bring awareness to who you are and how you love. There is more to astrology than just your sun sign and knowing your full birth chart might help set up the rest of the year to be filled with some self-love.

The first step is to calculate your birth chart. You’ll need your birthday, birth place, and birth time to complete the accurate chart. When you know your birth chart, look for your zodiac sign placement in Venus. This is key because Venus represents our sentiments and shows how we approach relationships of the heart. If you don’t know your birth time (AKA If mom doesn’t remember your birth time) you can always just use your sun sign too! Find your Venus sign or sun sign in the list below to find out how you can set some self-love intentions.


Self-sufficient and adventurous Aries— embrace and love with the same fierceness you approach life with. To set some self-love intentions, seek to find what makes you feel fresh and energetic. You get bored easily with vague everyday routines. Make a list of activities you would like to try that benefit and challenge you. You love a good conquest, so pick things that you’ve always wanted to try like rock climbing at the UAF SRC!


Sensual and comfortable Taurus— give yourself some of that dependability that you give to others! It would do well for you to set out some self-love intentions that involve rewarding yourself with comfortable leisure time such as a nice bubble bath with wine and fruit. You are worthy to treat yourself, just remember to be patient with yourself.


Witty and fun-loving Gemini— you love a good conversation, but often times you might glaze over your own inner monologue with yourself. Set out some self-love intentions that involve you quieting down your mind to sort through your thoughts. Try meditating, then reward yourself to go to a cafe with one of your closest friends so you can endlessly talk about invigorating topics.


Comforting and attentive Cancer— you pay close attention to everyone’s true feelings instead of their words, but neglect your own true feelings and oftentimes retreat into your shell. To set self-love intentions you should find an emotional outlet in writing, art or meditation to be in tune with your own feelings. Find security within yourself and give yourself the patience you give to others. Embrace your moods and your ever-flowing emotions!


Extra and regal Leo— you love romance. You love love! You seek to be appreciated and noticed, but often times you may seek that too much from others rather than finding that source within yourself. Set self-love intentions by being warm and generous to yourself. Spend quality alone time by treating yourself to a grand gesture, you know how fun and great you are! TREAT YOSELF.


Dedicated and generous Virgo— you are a great listener and do many things to help others, it’s time to do the same for yourself! Set self-love intentions by giving yourself the same attention to detail that you give to others. Giving attention to yourself does not make you conceited or ostentatious, so try not to nag or criticize yourself so harshly and remember to give yourself the same care and generosity you give to others.


Romantic and fair Libra— you love to find balance and fairness. This is the perfect time to find balance within yourself by setting self-love intentions that involve appreciating how gracious and charming you are. You are always seeking to find balance in your relationships and it’s time to give yourself the same effort. Seek out a new hobby that shows off how put together you look all the time like a fashion blog!


Intense and fearless Scorpio— you have emotions that run deep and are extremely loyal to loved ones around you. To set self-love intentions, you need to commit to finding your own deepest depths and loving yourself. Embrace how strong and focused you are. Try not to be so skeptical about every aspect of your life and relax.


Wild and Free Sagittarius— you’re always on the lookout for new horizons. You seek adventure and new experiences. You’re flirty and friendly, and you love to laugh and uplift those around you. However, when the going gets really tough, you tend to feel an overwhelming need to run away. Set self-love intentions by accepting your emotions. Uplift yourself the way you uplift others and face problems fiercely!


Competent and practical Capricorn— you’re extremely goal-oriented. You might be considered a workaholic and lack a little spontaneity in life. Set self-love intentions by being proud of your accomplishments and rewarding yourself with leisure time. Taking a break for once won’t hurt! Also remember to not be so critical of yourself all the time, love your inner boss!


Unique and unconventional Aquarius— you are an open-minded individual and a visionary. You seek to take the path least traveled. You can be aloof and quite detached, and may even avoid emotions. To set self-love intentions, you should embrace how unique you are naturally and try to deal with the emotions you feel. Try not to focus so much on avoiding emotions and instead try to embrace how unique your feelings are!


Dreamy and sensitive Pisces— you are elusive and have a soft mystical charm. You are unconditional with your love to others however, you tend to settle into self-pity at times. To set self-love intentions you should try to give yourself your own unconditional love and avoid the fantasized idea of martyrdom. Seek out good music and poetry. Be patient with yourself and remember you deserve your own unconditional love just like the love you give everyone else.