Hair Scarves are THE Accessory for Spring and Here’s Where to Get Them

Hair scarves, bow scrunchies and scrunchie scarves—basically any cute, patterned fabric you can tie into your hair—are this spring’s go-to accessory. They add a girlish, playful touch to just about any outfit. Here are a few online shops that will have you clicking “add to cart” so fast, your wallet will have whiplash.  

  1. Urban has done it again. It is coming for my credit card and probably yours too. This bow scrunchie comes in eight different colors and I'm already matching them all with the outfits in my closet. 

  2. 2. ASOS

    ASOS is always here for me when I need to add a little English flare to my wardrobe. Their style is elegant, pretty and youthful and their hair scarves are no exception. 

  3. Kristin Made has a special place in my heart. Kristin is one of my all-time favorite YouTubers and is the first person I can recall rocking a hair scarf, I am convinced she single-handedly started the trend herself. She recently started her own lifestyle company to create and sell all her favorite things. What an absolute girl boss. 

  4. Anthropology is a sundress lover's dream. Their style screams "I want to garden with you" and it so translates into these adorable "Ditzy Floral" scrunchies. These make me feel ready to pop on my sun hat, watering can in hand, and get to work because those daisies aren't going to plant themselves. Yes, Post Malone, I AM a sunflower. 

  5. There are plenty of colors and patterns to choose from with this more traditional-looking scarf. These will make your 8 a.m. class's lazy pony tail look like you actually woke up to your first alarm. 

  6. American Eagle, aka basically the only store we Alaskans don't have to order online from, has an impressive collection of hair accessories right now. From cute, little scrunchie bows like the Aerie one pictured, to long, full hair scarves, they have all the options. 

If you're not one to pack a lot of metal in your ears or carry a different purse every day, a simple hair accessory might be just right for you. They are super unique and can add the right touch to dial up your personal style.