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Buzzfeed Unsolved is Quite Frankly the Best Show I’ve Ever Seen

Premiering in 2016, BuzzFeed Unsolved is a show with two different series: True Crime and Supernatural. It covers two friends investigating the impossible and the unknown, but in a hilariously relatable way.

At first glance, it looks like two twenty-something-year-olds sitting behind a desk talking about crazy stories and making jokes about them. Honestly, that right there is about 80 percent of the show, but that’s what makes it so amazing.

Ryan Bergara, the “host” of the show, recaps the stories of long-time unsolved crimes and crazy supernatural events. He offers theories as to what happened. Shane Madej is his counterpart who points out weird discrepancies and makes jokes about how ridiculous most of the theories are. 

In True Crime, they don’t leave their “Investigation Room” much, whereas in Supernatural, they often leave to explore the haunted locations. They have been to a haunted doll island, spent the night in haunted homes around the country and even explored a ghost town at Vulture Mine.

Through their adventures, Ryan is almost constantly afraid of any noise or slight breeze. He believes in ghosts and spends most the time trying to get Shane on his side. Shane has yet to show any sort of belief, but his skepticism keeps the show grounded in a way other ghost shows are not. Sometimes they even lock themselves alone in rooms known for high ghost activity to try to find more proof they are real.


BuzzFeed Unsolved is interesting in the way it tells the stories. The show interrupts itself with hilarious banter between Shane and Ryan, often typed and with laughter shown as “(wheeze)”—a practically trademarked piece of the show.

As a Justice major, I’ve always had an extreme amount of interest in true crime and this show has certainly taken the cake. The stories are well thought out, interesting and have so many twists and turns that it’s hard to know exactly what the answer is. That’s why most of these remain unsolved.

If you are in the need of a good laugh—maybe even a little bit of a scare—I’d definitely recommend checking it out. You can find BuzzFeed Unsolved on YouTube, Hulu and Amazon Prime. Season five, the current season, airs a new episode every Friday on YouTube. 

Kelsey is a senior Justice and Psychology student at the University of Alaska Anchorage. She is the Anchorage Correspondent and writer for the University of Alaska Her Campus chapter. Kelsey is an avid traveler and just finished a five week long backpacking trip through Europe. She is very environmentally conscious and working towards living with less plastic and waste in every aspect of her life. Kelsey is a small business owner of an art studio and fan of all things creative. She is also working towards making her way into the fantasy fiction novel world. Follow her on Instagram @kelseykroon to see travel photos and ideas about how to create less waste!
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