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6 Things to Do If You Recently Moved to Alaska

I moved to Fairbanks two years ago and as you might expect, I had to find things to do in this new state. Coming from Houston, Texas, I was considerably out of my element when it came to the easy-going nature of Fairbanks. Because of this, I was constantly just bouncing around from place to place looking for something to do, even in the smallest places. If you’re anything like I was, always in search of something to pass the time, then the following weekly segment is for you.


Take Walks

I found that living in such a laid-back place as we do, I could take a daily stroll, jog and run. You don’t have to get extreme and sustain yourself off of vitamin smoothies and vegan pride to live healthier. As a smoker since high school, making healthy decisions never really occurred to me until now. While I am still on my way to quitting, I still smoke. ESPECIALLY when I’m bored, so I have thrown myself into the pursuit of exercise so I might refrain from the lighter for a few hours.

Learn to Skate

Skating is a lot of fun! I learned when I was a kid and it became a great recreational activity to take up on occasion. Not only does it get your heart thumping, but it’s hilarious––wiping out in front of a middle school hockey team had me rolling on the ice in a fit, the kids got a rise out of it too.

Quit Smoking

This one’s more for me than you, but if you do smoke then maybe you should listen up. THEY were right and YOU were wrong. It is absolutely one of the worst things you could do for your health. I liked cigarettes because they calmed me down and woke me up at the same time––and I thought it looked edgy. But, I’m 23 now and something has got to give lest I smoke until it kills me. So, to all of you pack-a-day-ers out there, take a jog, note your lungs screaming, and see what I’m talking about.

Take a Long Bath

Pour yourself a glass of your drink of preference if you are of age and draw a bath. Take a load off, life is stressful and baths aren’t, so why not take a dip? I can’t tell you how much I love a good soak and a glass of whiskey with some Jim Croce playing on my phone.

Attend Local Activites

If you’re a student be a good one, immerse yourself and get the experience. Go to hockey games, hit a brewery, eat at a local favorite restaurant with some cultural relevancy. I went to my first hockey game recently and I’ve got to say, it was a complete blast.

Find New Music

Tired of the same, derivative pop music formula? Change the station, listen to something out of your millennial comfort zone. I don’t mean to be THAT 23-year-old here, but your music sucks and I hate it. Switch things up and find a band you’ve never heard of before, preferably something that precedes the last five years.

So, if you are new to Alaska and don't know many people, here are a few things to get you started. 

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