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5 Reasons to Pack This K-Beauty Brand’s Products on Spring Break

Korean beauty, most commonly known as K-Beauty, has been extremely popular in the United States. With cute packaging and incredible benefits, Korean beauty products are in a high demand and are being sold at Sephora and Ulta! There are a lot of K-beauty brands, but there is one in particular that needs to be talked about! As the #1 beauty brand in Korea, Innisfree promotes natural ingredients and eco-conscious initiatives and has versatile, natural and aesthetically pleasing products. Here are five magical facts about Innisfree.

Innisfree was named after a Poem

The brand’s name comes from the poem The Lake Isle of innisfree by William Butler Yeats. It’s about finding peace and tranquility at an island called Innisfree. The brand chose this name because it rings true to their own findings on Jeju Island.

Innisfree owns and operates their own green tea farm

Innisfree has their own green tea farm on Jeju Island where they can grow green tea leaves to extract for their products. The “incredibly concentrated and highly effective green tea extract” has been clinically proven to hydrate, enhance and deliver nutrients into the skin. The green tea extract is so incredible that eight Green Tea Intensive Hydrating Serums are sold every MINUTE! Innisfree also practices eco-conscious farming.

80 percent of ingredients are from Jeju Island

Using the gift of nature, Innisfree sources 80 percent of their ingredients from Jeju Island. Many of which create a number of different skincare products that can be used for any skin type! A few of these ingredients are volcanic clusters, orchid, sparkling mineral water, lava seawater, tangerine, bija tree, marine seaweed and of course, green tea. Some of these are found exclusively on Jeju island!

Packaging inspired by nature

The packaging for each product is inspired by its main ingredient and the nature it was born in. Having been to Jeju Island myself, I know that it’s colorful and absolutely breathtaking. The packaging of Innisfree products is aesthetically pleasing because they’re inspired by nature.

Innisfree recycles and restores

Who doesn’t love a brand that not only uses natural ingredients, but also restores and recycles to benefit the whole world? Innisfree has planted 79,000 trees in part of their reforestation efforts. They have also recycled 15,782,360 empty bottles in their recycling campaigns. Since the brand uses resources from the land, they want to restore as much as possible to not only continue to use natural ingredients, but to also help the Earth.

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Saemin Chi is a senior Radiologic Imaging student at the University of Alaska and plans to pursue med-school. She is the social media director for the University of Alaska Her Campus Chapter. Saemin is a Pisces, a Potterhead, and a lover of Lana Del Rey. When she isn't busy with school or work, Saemin enjoys reading poetry while listening to Alina Baraz, working out, scrolling through tumblr, putting together outfits, and researching for beauty products to try out. Find her on instagram @vitamin.sae
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