5 Pieces of Spring Nail Inspo Just in Time for Easter

We are on the lookout for spring 2019 nail trends and brb while I make my appointment. From glitter to matte to pastels, these spring looks are absolutely killing the game. Decorating Easter eggs is great and all, but let's be real, beautifully colored and designed nails is way more fun. Here's all the inspiration you need to serve looks this Sunday.

  1. 1. All the Shades of Pink

    Who says you have to stick to just one color? It's spring and it's time to try a little something new! Sometimes too many different nail colors can look totally crazy, but if you pick a few varying shades of a similar color (and add a little sparkle), it makes for a super fun look for spring.

  2. 2. Pastel and Matte

    Matte nails are forever super trendy. Add a little extra interest with a totally glittery pinky. 

  3. 3. Perfect Ombre

    Ombre nails are the perfect metaphor for the transition from winter to summer, that's what makes them perfect for the season! This look combining a soft ombre and floral details is practically screaming springtime. 

  4. 4. Dandelion Dream 

    Almost anything with a flower-designed ring finger is more than appropriate for the warmer months, but when is the last time you saw someone rocking an adorable dandelion on their nails?! Goodbye cherry blossoms, hello wishing flower. 

  5. 5. Practically an Easter Egg

    Pastels are like, the epitome of spring and this multicolored look is the actual Easter bunny throwing up on your nails.

If you get totally frustrated with having to choose a nail look, fear not, you can always just soak your fingers in the egg dye. But, we are pretty confident that won't be necessary with the above styles.