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Zach Daniels

Name: Zach Daniels
Major: History/Communication Studies
Year: Senior
Relationship Status: Single
Hometown: Fort Payne, Alabama
Interests: anything outdoors, spending time with friends and family and my dog
An Interesting Fact: Huge Baltimore Ravens fan. Try to go to at least 3 games every season in Baltimore, MD
Tuscaloosa Involvement: Habitat for Humanity and Big Brothers Big Sisters
What song on your iPod is on repeat? anything Mumford and Sons
If people were to give you a superlative, what do you think it would be? Most Surprising
What is something people would be surprised to know about you? I'm terrible at math and I'm a stickler when at work. Don't try to use a fake ID when I'm working the door at 1831!
What do you look for in a girl? good personality, nice smile and good laugh, honesty
What is the most confusing thing that girls do? Not every girl is the same so you just have to get a feel for their own personality.
Do you have a favorite pickup line? If so, what is it? Don't use pick up lines. Just be yourself
What is your idea of a perfect date? Depends really on the situation. I love to cook so I would like to cook for my date and sit down and have some good conversation and laughs.
Would you rather have her make the first move or are you a traditional boy? Traditional through and through
What is your best memory of Alabama/Tuscaloosa and why? People that I have met and the Tide winning 2 National Championship
If you could only bring 3 things on a deserted island, what would they be? My black lab, any book by Mitch Albom, and a phone to call for help

Jessica Johnson is a senior at The University of Alabama double majoring in English Studies and Communication Studies while minoring in Creative Writing. Avid reader, writer and one-man band, Jessica is always working on a project of some sort. After spending summer 2011 interning with Atlanta's Q100 morning radio show (and waking up at 3:30am to dress for work) she has a new respect for early birds. When not playing with her three rescued mutts, you'll find her at Gallettes sippin' on a Yellow Hammer screaming ROLL TIDE ROLL!!
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