You Do You Boo; A College Girl’s Tattoo

So I love tattoos. I mean I LOVE them. I wanted to be a tattoo artist. I still do, but I'm in college and my life has gone a different route. My goal now is to collect them all, and this tattoo begins that journey.


If it wasn't clear before, I'm telling you now. I'm no expert, at all, but it’s always fun to hear others experiences. So, here is the story of my third tattoo, and a couple of things to know.


I've got two tattoos already. They're pretty small and just outlines, but I love American traditional tattoos. I also am a memory hoarder, so the end of the semester sparked some spontaneity in me. I wanted a tattoo to commemorate my first semester in Austin so, on Friday I messaged a shop. I got the tattoo on Saturday. It's everything I wanted and more.


Someone who is a bit obsessive and a perfectionist, I wanted to be the best client ever. In doing my research there isn't a ton of info out there. I decided to share my minimal tips with you in case you're looking too.


  1. Know what you want.

Listen, tattooed are people. They can't read your mind. So go in and know what you want. Have an idea. If your idea is I'm going to pick off the wall, go for it, but be decisive.


2. Check in with your artist


Like I said, I made an appointment the day before I got my tattoo. I had no plan of doing this, but I wanted to make sure everyone was down with me showing up. Even if you're doing a walk in thong call ahead or be patient. I watched two people get angry that they couldn't just get tattooed and had to wait. Listen these people need time for their other clients and need time for drawing, cleaning, the bathroom, to function. Let them have it. If you won't walk in a salon and get angry to wait, don't get angry at your tattoo artist. If you would get angry at waiting in a salon just walking in, girl maybe you need to check yourself.


3. It doesn't hurt (that bad)


Tattoos are painful. You're literally stabbing yourself hundreds of times a minute with multiple needles.  (Don't fact check me on that, you do get stabbed a lot though. ) But it won’t kill you I promise. Also, it feels odd. It's a different kind of pain. As my tattoo artist described it, “It’s like scratching a really bad sunburn when you line it. The shading is like the feeling after someone has rubbed your back for too long.”


4. Placement is permanent


Listen I love tattoos and tattooed people. I think it looks great. I think it's cool. Obviously, some people still don’t. More and more people have tattoos but remember you are young and you will most likely have a job. Some employers, especially more “white collar” fields, may not be down with your cat tattoo. Just keep that in mind when figuring out where to place it. If you can cover it in pants and a button-down goes for it. If you want a more visible tattoo to be okay with it maybe, possibly costing you a job. If you're okay with that, do it. But for the love of all things holy, if you are just starting out please don't get a face tattoo.


5. Tipping isn't necessary, it is appreciated!


Tipping a waiter is customary, so is tipping your tattoo artist. They are giving you something for life, which is way cooler than a meal. So please tip. If it's something super tiny a twenty will do, if it's bigger you can do the math (10-20%). Also, know it is not necessary, but I like to think of it as good karma. You get what you give, so be kind. Those tips show appreciation and keep lights on.


6. Girl you do you


Ultimately I want you to know that getting a tattoo is your thing. If you love it get it. If don't get tattoos. You do you boo. Do what makes you happy and look cute, however you define it.