Willa Blue Designs

Statement pieces and chokers are now a must have accessory for us ladies. However, sometimes these pieces can be pricey and hard on the college girl's budget. UA student Claudia Hogan has brought a solution to this with her line Willa Blue Designs. Willa Blue Designs provides very trendy, very pretty, and very affordable pieces. What's even better? They are all handmade by our fellow UA student whom we can support. Read about Claudia and Willa Blue Designs below!


Tell us about yourself: 


My name is Claudia Hogan and I am a sophomore from Gadsden, Alabama. I am studying Public Relations and Political Science and possibly want to do Political PR or go to law school in the future. I am a member of the sorority Delta Delta Delta on campus, President of the C&IS Student Executive Council, Communications Director for Professional Women in Communication and Business and a member of PRSSA and PRCA. I love to be involved on campus in any what that I can! Most of the time I don’t have enough time to be involved in everything I wish to be. I love to create jewelry and that hobby has now become a small business for me. In my free time I am always making fun pieces, completing orders, or watching netflix! I would have to say that my favorite food would either be macaroni and cheese or crab cakes. It’s really hard for me to decide!


How did Willa Blue Designs begin?

Willa Blue Designs began back in the summer when I was making personal pieces just to wear around myself. I grew tired of the expensive prices that lingered on every piece in boutiques I liked, so I thought why not make my own affordable pieces? After a couple of necklaces were made, I started featuring them on instagram and the brand grew from there. Now I complete many orders every week and deliver them on campus!

Is there any certain inspiration that you have when designing your pieces?

When designing pieces, I look for inspiration in things I love the most. Lots of my pieces are inspired by the Southwest and Western US. I love to pull ideas from Native American art. I also love to keep my friends in mind when designing because I love when they want to wear my pieces!

What has been your favorite part about Willa Blue Designs?

My favorite part of Willa Blue Designs has been watching my creativity and hobby grow into a small business. It’s gone places that I never dreamed it would and I know now that I can only go up from here! I’ve set many goals for my business and am hoping to use it as a platform to grow my public relations skills as well.

How can people purchase items from Willa Blue Designs?

Right now, I do orders through my instagram @Willabluedesigns and through my personal cell phone number and email. I am currently working on an official logo and website which should be coming soon! Feel free to DM me on social media or shoot me an email if you are interested in purchasing a unique and handmade piece from me! Facebook and Instagram are willabluedesigns, and my personal contact is [email protected] or my Facebook which is Claudia Hogan. Can’t wait for the website to be up so more women can view my creations!