Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s day anyway?

The candy, the love notes, the cute president friends and love give each other. What is not to love?! As the holiday approaches, I find myself wondering as the here all this this pink and red.


And boy was I surprised….

    It turns out we owe all this cupid bow stuff and candy giving to the Romans; however, back then there were fewer love notes and cloths. Between February 13th and 15th, the Romans would through a party to end all party. This ‘party’ called the feast of Lupercalia was held in honor of two men named Valentine who had been executed by the Roman emperor. So…fun...


    The celebration would include everyone getting drunk, dancing, and at some point, all the men would pull the name of a woman from and hat and ‘hook up’ for the duration of the party. Or longer if they got along. It was basically Tinder for the Romans!


    When the Pope made Valentine a Saint, the dates of that and Lupercalia got combined with The Feast of Lupercalia in order to expel any pagan religious stuff still hanging out.  The Church add more clothes to the festival but not much less change.


    Valentine’s day begins to take the shape of something that we recognized as Valentine's day as the celebration caught on in Britain thanks to a little know play writer. You may have heard of him, Shakespeare. HIs plays popularized writing letters to one's lovers and gift giving. And these weren't you hallmark card. They were ornate, hand cards


    Its kinds sad just how commercialized this holiday become. From a 3 day long party to this social construct that demands you by gifts and card. Funny how many holidays have become something that involves people buying this. So maybe this year take the time to make a valentines day card rather than racing to the store to by candy. You might be surprised how much more rewarding it is to make a card than buying one.