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What Should I Join? A Breakdown of Clubs and Activities on Campus

571 – That’s how many student organizations are on campus at The University of Alabama and even with every Celsius drink on the planet, there’s no way you can join every one of them. Instead, there’s a different number you should focus on when navigating your involvement that’s slightly smaller. To help you reach your academic goals, continue your personal interests, and stimulate your curiosity, the magic number of clubs you should join is three. Here are the types of organizations to join to make the most out of your time and involvement!

Join an organization that relates to either your major or your desired career field.

These organizations will not only look good on your resume but can also help you make industry

connections as you search for internships and employment opportunities later on in your college career.

Join an organization that relates to your personal interests.

Whether it’s community service, writing, art, or dance, find something that will stimulate you outside of the classroom. It’s incredibly important to incorporate an activity into your college schedule that can be an outlet for energy while also “recharging” your battery. Burn out is a common experience amongst college students, so find an organization that you want to go to because you are passionate about it. 

Join an organization that you’re curious about.

It could be an organization you’ve never heard of or maybe one that you’ve always thought of joining in the back of your mind. It’s okay to feel uncomfortable joining something new, you might feel as if you don’t belong. But college is a time of immense growth and pushing your boundaries can help you find a “niche” on campus and cultivate newfound interests. 

College is the time to say yes to new things. Say yes to going out for brunch instead of making mac and cheese at home. Say yes to studying in the library instead of staying in your room. And most importantly, join that club you’ve been thinking about because you will never know the people you might meet, experiences you might have, or future you might create if you don’t say yes.

Madison Glatz

Alabama '23

Madison is a junior at the University of Alabama studying Psychology, Spanish, and International Studies. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Madison hopes to pursue a career in the field of legal psychology. When not studying or writing, she is most likely trying to make a dent in her To Be Read pile, running, or eating Trader Joe's pasta.
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