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What Being an RA in Tutwiler Has Thought Me

For the past two years, Tutwiler has been my home away from home. We have shared some good memories, late nights, and some weird times. As both the end of my junior year and time in as an RA in Tutwiler draw to an end, I thought it would be fitting to reflex on my time here and offer some advice of future residents and RAs.


Tutwiler Has One of the Best Communities:

    I think living in a traditional style dorm is one of the best ways to improve your freshman year of college. I know the suit style dorm sounds appealing, your own room, privacy, etc. But its freshman year! You shouldn’t be spending a tone of time in your room alone. Traditional dorms encourage students to get out and socialize with others in their dorm and on campus. I have spoken with my fellow colleagues in suit dorms and ‘vibes’ in each respective dorm as polo opposites.


Nothing Stays a Secret for Long and It Usually Looks Nothing Like the Truth:

    Whether it was a story about someone stuck in an elevator, why UAPD was there, or a certain creature making its home in a room, it was only a matter of time before the knowledge was about of the RA’s zone and racing up and down the halls of Tutwiler growing more outlandish and father from the truth. Sometimes the RAs rumors would start seemingly out of and the RAs were the last to hear about it. Now, none of these stories were ever personal or harmful in nature but it does go to show you that you shouldn’t believe everything you here.

You Will Get Calls at 3 AM, and It Won’t Be Fun:

    Part of being an RA is holding the brink of an RA phone and being ready to respond at the drop of a dime. I have been called for everything from a lockout, noise complaints, and intoxicated residents. And I am going to be honest, usually not that excited to receive them. I know hard to believe, but someone has to do it, and I want to be there for my residents in the good times and the bad.  For this reason, it is essential you set up boundaries with your residents. You want your residents to feel like they can come to you, but you can't be there drinking buddy (for obvious reasons).


You Are Going To Miss It.

    Tut has been my home for most of my college experience. I have had laugh Break downs, and watch the last season of Game of Thrones in the Tut Hut. Though I will not be leaving my RA job, I will be working in a different dorm, and I was more than a little upset when I read the email telling me about my form transfer. It's also the time of year when my residents have to start packing up their rooms and staying goodbye to their floormates. Yes, tears will be shed and memories will be relived (some good some bad) but all special.


    So as I pack up my room for another year, I do it with a smile and a little heartache. “Goodbye Tutwiler, thanks for the memories even if they weren’t all great.”


I am currently enrolled and The Univerity of Alabama. A travel enthusiast who plans to see the whole world from the window of my tiny house. I believe that exploring the world and learning about other cultures is the cure of prejudice. There are something many places and people to meet, and i just want to share my experiences.
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