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We’re So Here For Aly & AJ’s Comeback


Check out their first song in ten years!


For those of you that are huge fans of this famous pop duo, this is the best news ever! Aly and AJ are releasing their upcoming EP this fall after a long musical hiatus. These sisters are known for their pop-rock hits, Rush and Chemicals React. During their time away from music, Aly scored a role on iZombie while AJ is known for her role in ABC’sThe Goldbergs.


Their first song, “Take Me”, shows off their 80s indie-pop influence and teases their new sound. After releasing their album Insomniac in 2007, they decided to step away from music because it lost its appeal. AJ recently told Billboard magazine,“Aly and I went through just a long period of time where we just didn’t feel creative musically.” Because of the break, “We’ve had 10 years of cocooning this music into something that has really taken off naturally,” she said. With their return to songwriting and music, Aly and AJ are excited to release their more mature and evolved sound… and we could not agree more!


This fall is perfect for an Aly and AJ comeback! Keep an eye out for the release of their new songs and upcoming tour dates!


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