The Ultimate Taylor Swift Playlist Based on Your Zodiac Sign


The excitement of Taylor Swift’s remasters has been a constant thought in the back of my mind after the release of her new song “You All Over Me.” If you are anything like me, I assume she has taken over your Apple Music or Spotify.

Whether I want to have a crying session in my car, a dance party in my room, or belt out a classic ballad with my best-friend, Taylor is the only one who has been able to meet my emotional needs. As Ms. Swift has created over 150 masterpieces, it gets difficult what song should be on repeat, and I am here to help. 



My fiery Queens, as it is your season, it’s only right to start with you. This fire sign is known for their decisiveness, their “no-BS” attitude, and at some points, their quick temperedness. While Aries are known for their independence, in love, Aries tend to fall fast. These anthems are a must add in the heart of your season:     

  1. “Picture to Burn” Taylor Swift 
  2. “Fearless” Fearless
  3. “Speak Now” Speak Now
  4. “Red” Red
  5. “Wildest Dreams” 1989
  6. “I Did Something Bad” Reputation 
  7. “Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince” Lover 
  8. “mad woman” folklore
  9. “long story short” evermore



Some of the most loyal people you will meet. As an Earth sign, they are known for being grounded and tend to be the most romantic out of the Earth signs. Taurus’ have a true despise for change, they are stubborn in their ways and don’t let go of what they have easily. 

  1. “Mary’s Song” Taylor Swift
  2. “The Best Day” Fearless
  3. “The Story of Us” Speak Now
  4. “Stay Stay Stay” Red
  5. “This Love” 1989
  6. “End Game” Reputation
  7. “Cornelia Street” Lover 
  8. “epiphany” folklore 
  9. “ivy” evermore



Represented by The Twins, Geminis are known for having two different sides; they are a social butterfly, but can also be quite intense, and for better words- explosive (think: Kanye West at the MTV Music Video Awards). This air sign is known for its curiosity and spontaneity, and these songs will fit whichever Twin is listening! 

  1. “Our Song” Taylor Swift
  2. “Jump then Fall” Fearless
  3. “Better than Revenge” Speak Now 
  4. “I Knew You Were Trouble” Red 
  5. “Style” 1989 
  6. “So it Goes…” Reputation
  7. “Cruel Summer” Lover 
  8. “mirrorball” folklore
  9. “champagne problems” evermore 



The first of the water signs, Cancers are no stranger to their emotions and continue to wear their heart on their sleeves. If you have yet to cry this week and need to get into your feels, look no further than right here. 

  1. “Teardrops on My Guitar” Taylor Swift
  2. “Tell Me Why” Fearless
  3. “Last Kiss” Speak Now
  4. “All too Well” Red
  5. “New Romantics” 1989
  6. “Delicate” Reputation
  7. “Afterglow” Lover
  8. “this is me trying” folklore 
  9. “right where you left me” evermore



The drama queens of the zodiac group. As a Leo rising, I sure as heck will embrace it too! Represented by the Lion, Leo’s are known for their passion, bravery and egotistical ways- I like to call it self-love! With these songs, you are due for a theatrical performance anywhere you go!

  1. “Stay Beautiful” Taylor Swift
  2. “You Belong with Me” Fearless
  3. “Mine” Speak Now
  4. “The Lucky One” Red 
  5. “Blank Space” 1989
  6. “Dress” Reputation 
  7. “ME!” Lover 
  8. “the great american dynasty” folklore 
  9. “gold rush” evermore



Don’t worry Virgos - I did the overthinking, so you don't have to! Like the other Earth signs, they are known for being practical and loyal. However, the perfectionist inside all of them leads them to be too critical at some points. These songs are fit for Virgos whether in the beginning, midst, or end of a romance.

  1. “I’m Only Me When I’m With You” Taylor Swift
  2. “You’re Not Sorry” Fearless 
  3. “Ours” Speak Now 
  4. “I Almost Do” Red
  5. “Clean” 1989 
  6. “Call it What You Want” Reputation
  7. “I Think He Knows” Lover 
  8. “the lakes” folklore 
  9. “tolerate it” evermore



The lovers of love. Libras are known for being charming, compassionate and understanding, usually leaving them to give the benefit of the doubt to the people they encounter. As Swift specializes in the category of love - there was no shortage of songs to choose from.  

  1. “Tied Together with a Smile” Taylor Swift
  2. “Fifteen” Fearless 
  3. “Back to December” Speak Now 
  4. “The Last Time” Red
  5. “You Are in Love” 1989
  6. “New Year’s Day” Reputation
  7. “Paper Rings” Lover 
  8. “invisible strings” folklore 
  9. “happiness” evermore



Scorpio, Scorpio, Scorpio. Well, you may be known for being hard on the outside, we all know you have your fair share of tears - after all, you are a water sign. Scorpios in nature are known for being intense, passionate -others may call it jealousy- and tend to be very protective of their emotions compared to their fellow Water signs, Cancer and Pisces. This playlist is perfect to get you into your feels - of course, in the solitude of your own room. 

  1. “Cold as You” Taylor Swift 
  2. “The Way I Loved You” Fearless
  3. “Haunted” Speak Now 
  4. “Treacherous” Red
  5. “I Know Places” 1989
  6. “Don’t Blame Me” Reputation 
  7. “False God” Lover
  8. “Peace” folklore
  9. “no body no crime” evermore 



As the Queen herself is a Sagittarius, it’s hard to say which songs should have the honor of entering this playlist. Although Sags never tend to stay in one spot and are always looking for a change, these songs will be forever and will continue to follow you into your next journey. 

  1. “A Place in This World” Taylor Swift
  2. “White Horse” Fearless
  3. “Sparks Fly” Speak Now
  4. “State of Grace” Red
  5. “Wonderland” 1989  
  6. “Getaway Car” Reputation
  7. “I Forgot That You Existed” Lover
  8. “illicit affairs” folklore
  9. “ ‘tis the damn season” evermore 



The last of the Earth signs. Capricorns are known for their intelligence and ambition. Capricorns are repeatedly labeled as cold, but in reality, are focused and practical. While Capricorns take a second to fall in love, once they do, they are devoted…unless you cross them. 

  1. “Invisible” Taylor Swift 
  2. “Forever & Always” (Fearless
  3. “Long Live Speak Now
  4. “The Moment I Knew” Red
  5. “All You Had To Do was Stay” 1989
  6. “Gorgeous” Reputation
  7. “Death by a Thousand Cuts” Lover 
  8. “hoax” folklore
  9. “closure” evermore



The humanitarians of the zodiac. Aquarius tend to be seen as the outsiders, as they are non-traditional in their ways (queue the first song on the playlist), and think more radically than the other signs. 

  1. “The Outside” Taylor Swift
  2. “Come in with the Rain” Fearless
  3. “Enchanted” Speak Now
  4. “Sad Beautiful Tragic” Red 
  5. “How You Get the Girl” 1989
  6. “Dancing with Our Hands Tied” (Reputation
  7. “The Man” Lover
  8. “betty” folklore 
  9. “cowboy like me” evermore



Last, but finally not least, my Pisces. As our season just ended, I hope this playlist fulfills the emotional rollercoaster you are on. Whether you’re stuck in a daydream or looking to get deep in your feels, these classics and newcomers are perfect for your playlist. 

  1. “Tim McGraw” Taylor Swift
  2. “Love Story” Fearless
  3. “Dear John” Speak Now
  4. “Starlight” Red 
  5. “Out of The Woods” 1989
  6. “King of My Heart” Reputation
  7. “Lover” Lover
  8. “my tear ricochet” folklore 
  9. “coney island” evermore