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Trump Is Not The Only One In Charge of America’s Fate…WE ARE!

I won’t lie—this election is unlike any other in history. We had two candidates that America was not thrilled by. Now that we have had some time to take in the election results, however, we need to look at the bigger picture.

These ARE the results. Mr. Donald Trump IS our next president and that is a fact…and something that everyone must accept.

The amount of hatred I have observed over the past week disgusts me. I have seen friendships broken, endless Facebook rants, hundreds of tears shed, and even a fraction of our country attempting to move to Canada.

Americans need to be respectful of others no matter who they voted for, no matter what party they affiliate with, no matter what state they’re from.

People saying things like “He is not my president” and “I cannot respect people who voted for Trump” are the ones who are really going to bring our country down. Trump wants to “make America great again” and this is not how we do it.

I notice a misunderstanding among Americans with who makes up this country. Donald Trump is not the only person in charge of America’s future, YOU ARE. It starts with us—young college students who talk amongst each other, stand up for what we believe in, and influence everyone around us (even when we don’t realize it!!).

I challenge you, among the abundant anger and the flourishing fear, to make a choice. When you hear someone speaking negatively, flip it around. Make a choice to represent what you want to see in America. Be something bigger.

You are a citizen of this country and you are in charge of its fate. Now start acting like it.

Hey guys! My name is Kourtney Jakubowski and I am a sophomore at University of Alabama, I feel so lucky! I came from beautiful San Diego where I learned to keep active and always seek new adventures. College is scary, so I hope to make that transition a little easier! Roll tide
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