Things to Be Thankful For at the University of Alabama

I believe I go to the best school in the world. This may be because I am a UA student, but I find something new every single day to be grateful for. It blows my mind how lucky I got landing in Title Town. In case you forgot why you landed here, read this…

Nick Saban. He is the best coach currently in the NCAA, he is a DILF, and basically the second God of Tuscaloosa. "Better luck next time Gus," he says.

Football. We’re #1, we hold the best traditions, and host the most beautiful stadium in the world. What else could you ask for?? (Another National Championship, please!!)

That orange isn’t in our colors. No matter how hard you try, no one looks good in orange. Sorry Tennessee.

Big Al. From his twerking to his crowd surfing, Big Al is the life of the party.

Free food at the Ferg. You’re starving and you ran out of Dining Dollars…BUT Project Health is giving out free protein bars! It’s your lucky day.

When the bus arrives in 2 minutes so you don’t have to walk 2 miles to your class. The bus comes in clutch just when you need it. Thanks bus driver!

Funny posts in the Alabama Student Ticket Exchange. From the hundreds of ACT cards lost at the bars to people desperately searching for a date to their winter formal, you’ll always find a laugh in the Student Ticket Exchange.

No line at Starbucks. It must be a miracle. You walk right up and order your double shot of espresso and head to the library for the rest of the night. Woo!

Finding a spot at B-Phil’s. You anxiously wait, while your mouth waters at the sight of those delicious chicken wings. Oh wait, those people are leaving!! Go, run! You snag the table in the corner under the framed beautiful Bear Bryant. It’s a good day.

When 348 actually works. If it doesn’t take them an hour to pick you up, you’re in luck!

Puppies on the quad!! Everybody misses their puppy at home, so every UA student experiences puppy withdraws. After a long day of studying, there’s nothing better than a cute boy strolling along with a cute doggy by his side.

No lab weeks. Monday off for Labor Day? No lab for you.

When professors cancel class for football. “Raise your hand if you’re going to Baton Rouge on Friday.” Everyone raises hand. “Okay, I won’t be hosting class. Roll tide.”

All the big names that perform. Madison Square Garden? No, more like Alabama Fraternity Row. In the past couple of years, we’ve had people like Wes Walker, Frankie Ballard, Brothers Osbourne, and even Sean Kingston. Yup, that’s Alabama for you.

Denny Chimes. No matter the time of day, season, or your mood, it’s so easy to stop and take in its beauty.

Friends from all over the country. University of Alabama draws in the best of the best from all around the U.S. These are the people who have made my Bama experience above and beyond.

Yeah, I'd say it's pretty tough to be grateful for the Crimson Tide. Best football and best people in the world. Not much too it. HA!

Words cannot express my gratitude to attend such a school as University of Alabama. I am forever grateful and oh so lucky! Roll tide forever.