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The Best Christmas Treats at Target This Holiday Season

Trying to get into the holiday spirit? Head to the Christmas section at Target and pick up a few of sweet treats to get all the Christmas vibes. All these treats are under $5 and are a great way to get into the Christmas spirit, or to give to one of your friends for a holiday season pick me up!  

Holiday m&m’s

M&Ms have lots of fun holiday flavors at Target. I picked up three flavors this year: Snowballs, White Chocolate Sugar Cookie, and Holiday Mint. Snowballs are a pretzel ball that is surrounded by milk chocolate. They come in fun winter colors (white and different shades of blue) and are a fun Christmas treat to try. The sugar cookie M&Ms come in white, red, and green and are crunchy, which surprised me. Instead of sugar cookie flavored white chocolate, the M&Ms are filled with a crispy sugar cookie. Finally, the mint M&Ms are a similar taste to thin mints without the crispiness of a cookie and are a great option for any mint lovers! You can get 3 bags of Christmas M&Ms at Target for $10.  

Little debbie christmas tree cakes

The Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes can be found all over Target, and these were my favorite find this year. I usually find Little Debbie treats to be overly sweet or seem very artificial tasting, but the Christmas Tree Cakes are different. The cake is light and fluffy, and the frosting is just sweet enough. The cakes also have a cute Christmas tree design with sprinkles and are perfect for getting into the Christmas spirit.  

Peeps peppermint bark delights

Calling all fellow Peeps lovers! Despite being a little softer than normal peppermint bark since they are marshmallows, these Peeps taste exactly like peppermint bark, and it would be hard to tell the difference in a blind taste test. The package comes with 3 Peeps and each peppermint flavored Peep has a bottom coated in milk chocolate, giving the illusion that they are a piece of peppermint bark. Even if you don’t usually love Peeps, these are a must try this holiday season.  

gingerbread cookie kitkats

The Gingerbread Cookie KitKats are perfect for any gingerbread lover. The gingerbread flavor is on point and the creaminess of the KitKat chocolate just adds a little something extra. In addition, the crunchiness of the KitKat wafer itself makes you feel like you’re eating a gingerbread cookie that is coated in a smooth chocolate. Overall, the Gingerbread Cookie KitKats are a delicious treat for this holiday season.  

Wondershop christmas cookies

Wondershop (a brand exclusive to Target) has many cookies available for the holiday season, including Chocolate Mint Crème Truffle Cookies as well as Gingerbread Sandwich Cookies. The Chocolate Mint Crème Truffle Cookies come with 16 cookies and taste like a York Peppermint Patty on top of a shortbread cookie. Perfect for anyone who loves the combination of dark chocolate and mint! The Gingerbread Sandwich Cookies come with 18 in a box and are two gingerbread cookies sandwiched together with white frosting between them. The cookies are perfectly crisp and have a good gingerbread taste without being too overpowering and artificial. Any of the Wondershop Christmas cookies at Target are a wonderful way for cookie lovers to get into the holiday spirit!

Sugar cookie hershey’s bars

The Sugar Cookie Hershey’s Bar is a very inexpensive treat to get yourself into the holiday spirit. This chocolate bar is white chocolate with little pieces of sugar cookie inside of it. It is similar to a Hershey’s Cookies and Cream bar with more of a vanilla taste. If you love white chocolate and vanilla, this is the perfect treat for you.  

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