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Spring Break Survival Pack Review

Her Campus is giving away Spring Break Survival Kits within the next month to get you through those mid-semester blues, and if you have read any of my articles before, you know I love skincare. So obviously, before we give them out, I wanted to do a quick review of all the sample products included in the kit, just for you.


Step 1: Green Tea Face Mask

This was a very simple, soothing sheet mask. It smelled so relaxing, almost like essential oils, and it made my skin feel extremely hydrated while not casuing any breakouts. I have very sensitive skin, and this mask did not irritate my skin at all. I always test my sheet masks on the durability and shape of the sheet, as well. This mask did not tear, and its eye and mouth shapes were appropriately sized and located (nothing is worse than a sheet mask that doesn’t line up with your eyes properly). Overall, this was a nice, soothing face mask.

Step 2: Intensive Hydration Green Tea Serum

This serum was similar to the serum on the face mask. After I let the leftover mask serum dry, I put on the individual packet of serum. It smelled like the mask, and it had the same soothing effect. I have never used serums before, so I’m not quite sure what they do, but this did feel very nice on my irritated winter skin.

Step 3: Intensive Hydration Green Tea Eye Cream

This eye cream was very thick and moisturizing, so I thought that I would be exchanging eye de-puffiness for breakouts. However, the next morning I had no breakouts or clogged pores. Although the eye cream was very thick, it must have been less oily than I thought. It was very hydrating, and the next morning my eyes were substantially less dark and puffy than usual. Eye cream is definitely something that I will start incorporating into my skincare routine.

Step 4: Intensive Hydrating Green Tea Cream (Moisturizer)

This moisturizer was the perfect conclusion to this skincare routine. It was your normal moisturizer, maybe a little thicker than usual, but with the same soothing scent and feel as the rest of the set. It did not cause any breakouts for my oily and sensitive skin. Along with the rest of these products, it felt very natural. My skin felt healthy and relaxed the next morning.

Be sure to look for the  Her Campus table over the next few weeks as well will be giving out these survival kits. I hope you enjoy the care package as much as I did! Happy Spring Break!

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