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Listen ladies, put on some vampire fangs or blow-up dinosaur costumes, and let’s get ready for spooky season! With that being said, we need to set some guidelines, boundaries if you will, on how not to scare the kiddies, (or yourself in like 10 years). Here are 4 Halloween Costumes you should or shouldn’t wear.  

NAY: Cultural Appropriation 

Let’s leave the culture costumes to the people whose culture they belong to. It isn’t cute and is actually quite distasteful. You definitely don’t want to end up like the Coachella girls from 2015 who got blasted for their inappropriate use of dreamcatchers and other native symbols.  

YAY: Cowgirl!

Where could one go wrong dressing up as a Cowgirl? Strap on your new cowboy boots (38.99 on Amazon by the way) and giddy up. An easy costume to find anywhere, this is a cute, quick outfit to put together. Order this Hot Pink Cowgirl Hat while you’re at it too! 

NAY: Playboy Bunny 

Leave the bunny ears to Peter Rabbit. It’s not just the fact that this costume should have been left in 2016, but ever since Holly Madison’s memoir came out, anything to do with Hugh Hefner has left a bad taste in my mouth. His mistreatment of his many girlfriends (detailed by Madison in an interview on Call Her Daddy here btw) doesn’t make anyone feel good about supporting such a damaging legacy and man. 

YAY: Y2K Fashion 

I’m sorry, I’m wayyy too obsessed with Y2K fashion. Paying homage to Black creators who paved the way for fashion trends can never get you in trouble. This is also an easy way to get into sustainable shopping so you’re not wasting hundreds of dollars on costumes you’ll wear once. RUN to the thrift store and find the cutest Juicy Couture tracksuits or even an Ed Hardy t-shirt and put on your favorite Britney Spears song.  

Now that we have laid down the rules, get excited cause it’s Spooky Season!! 

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Makayla Jordan is a member of the Students Demand Action National Advisory Board and a freshman at the University of Alabama. She writes about politics, and culture and opinion pieces.
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