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A Southern, Republican Daughter’s Response to Trump

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Alabama chapter.

Submitted by Kayla Sullivan

Whenever I say to someone that I grew up as a Southern Baptist and Conservative Republican, I immediately feel a shift in dynamic of the conversation. These labels bring some indescribable heaviness to a conversation which was hard to get used to in a college environment where such a large portion of the population is from outside of the south. Some of my closest friends in college often disagree with me in every aspect when we have a discussion about politics or religion which can put stress on any relationship especially during an election like the one our country has currently got itself into. However, recently we have strongly agreed on one thing – Donald Trump SHOULD NOT be the next President of the United States.


This statement may come as a shock to my many family members who are unyielding Trump supporters. These family members who often use their strong faith and southern morals to preach respect, kindness, and charity. To these family members I ask where these morals, these very prevalent concepts of our southern tradition have gone?


Donald Trump likes to surround himself with women that he deems as “10s.” He has been known to casually throw out rankings of women in the past in response to their criticisms of him. According to an article in the New York Times, this stems from his “Ladies Man” image that he held in school.


Here is where I turn to the men in family who have vowed to protect me from boys my entire life. To my father, my brother, my grandfather and uncle, have you forgotten your promise? If I had told you after coming home from high school one day that I overheard a group of boys in the hallway giving girls rankings on their attractiveness and mine started with negative (which did happen by the way, but i never told you), I could only imagine what you would do to them.


I have grown up with your critical mindset of how a man treats a woman. Outside of the gender roles that still have a significant presence in southern culture, there are general expectations of respect and kindness for men to treat women. How do you excuse Donald Trump? Why is his rudeness and sexism forgiven?


I have a feeling that if the same comments or behavior was directed towards me by any man, I would quite frankly fear for their life. Why would I think any differently? This is what you taught me.

I feel your reasoning to vote for Trump is quickly crumbling and is baseless. He may speak his mind and say what everyone else is too afraid not to, but here’s the thing- those things should not be said! Using that as a reason to vote for him is exactly why a lot of people are voting against him.


His “locker room” comments are costing other people their everyday jobs, but somehow he is still in the running for president.


So, when my father, brother, grandfather, and uncle hear Donald Trump make another rude sexist comment towards any woman (even if it is his main opponent who they are not fans of), I want them to think of me. I want to think of the first time they made the promise to protect me from a little boy who is mean to me on the playground.


I want them to realize that a grown man is making public jokes and comments that a punk high school boy would make trying to prove to his friends that he is more man than they are.


We aren’t voting for something trivial like the most popular boy for homecoming king- this is the next possible president of our country!


From a southern and conservative Republican daughter who still holds those strong morals you taught me dear to her heart, this man is not fit to be president. This man is not fit to be a leader in society. The very people voting for him are the people who promised to protect me from boys like him.


Do you not remember your promise?


Alabama Contributor
Alisha is a senior at The University of Alabama majoring in Communicative Disorders and minoring in Psychology. She is the current Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Alabama. Alisha loves binge watching TV shows on Netflix, baking, writing, watching/raving about Alabama Football, and spending time with her sorority sisters. She hopes to make a difference in the world or at least in many people's lives as a hopeful Speech-Language Pathologist. Follow Alisha on Twitter (@missalisha14) and Instagram (alishaa_j). Roll Tide!