Senior Year & Unsure

As young adults, we expect to have our lives figured out by the time we are 21 years old. We go into college believing we will graduate one thing, but grow panicky when it’s senior year and we got it all wrong. We seem to believe these four years of undergraduate determine our lives but feel like failures when we want to change direction. By the time graduation comes along, you are usually 22 years old. Let me reiterate- you are 22 years old. Just because everyone around you appears to have their future all figured out, does not necessarily mean they do.   

Here’s the truth:

The majority of people do not have anything figured out. Most students change their majors at least once, and others don’t even use their bachelor’s degree after graduation. If you actually stop and ask older generations how they came along in their journey, there’s a bigger reality. A counselor once told me her journey took over 25 years to find her dream job. A family member of mine took a year off to follow her bachelor’s in art before pursuing a career in medicine. People that have their whole life figured out; those are the rare minority. 

What to do if you’re unsure:

Coming into your upperclassmen years, it’s a terrifying feeling of having no idea towards what you want to do with your life anymore. I know, it feels like the sky is falling on you and you’re running out of time, but stop and think how much life is still ahead. Take yourself to a career center, use the resources that they have provided for you, and start thinking about what you really love to do. Look outside of your major, many employers and grad-programs actually like those with a different academic background as it provides creative character. Talk to family and friends to try to gain experience in different careers. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people, there are many in this world that want to help. 

It’s better to find out you dislike where you’re headed now, then 10 years down the line. Remember, you are only in your early twenties, you don’t have to have it all figured out.