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School Tips to Take Control of 2021

Let’s face it, this semester is going to be interesting. With COVID-19 still lurking and the uncertainty of when we will receive vaccines, no one can predict what is going to happen. But even with the pandemic, the world doesn’t stop moving and college doesn’t stop assigning deadlines. I know I struggle with staying organized during the regular semester, and last semester tested my organization skills even more. With these three simple ideas of how to stay organized, we can conquer this semester of Zoom University Part 2 and get that 4.0 GPA that everyone wants.

Buy a Planner

Now I know planners seem old school, especially with all the awesome apps offered to organize your life, but seeing the handwritten tasks you need to right in front of you can’t be beaten. Going through your syllabus and handwriting due dates allows you to not only stay on top of the work but to get a glimpse at what is being asked of you! The important thing, though, is to stay on top of the due dates. Professors change due dates all the time, so continuously checking your syllabus and your planner is a great way to ensure that you don’t miss a deadline.

I hate when I buy a planner to waste most of the summer months, but there are many planners that have the “write-in” option allowing you to write your own months and days so that you aren’t wasting any paper! Emma Chamberlin offers one, as well as many more on Amazon.

The TikTok Hack

If planners aren’t your thing, don’t worry, TikTok saves the day again. One user showed the world how she stays up to date on her assignments by using Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. Go through your syllabuses and write each assignment and due date out by class. Highlight and assign each class color, and then sort the information by the due date. This will serve as a mini-calendar with all your important due dates on one document. You can print out the paper and cross each assignment out as it passes, or you can leave it on your computer and delete the columns after you complete the work. 

If you want to find out more, here are two TikTok’s that show you how to go about this idea. 

Google Calendar

It is 2021 (hallelujah!) and most people are all digital, which is totally fine. Google Calendar is a great way to digitally stay organized with due dates. Go through your syllabuses and put every due date for all your classes on the calendar. I find color coding the classes helps me remember what class each assignment is due in. You can put reminders on the calendar that will notify you anywhere from one day to four weeks in advance. You can even customize the times that you get the notification. The awesome thing about Google Calendar is that you can access it from anywhere you have Google the app, a computer, your phone browser, anywhere. 

The app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play. 

Riley is a senior at the University of Alabama getting a degree in Public Relations with minors in Psychology and Leadership Communication.
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