"Saved By The Bell" Fashion is BACK

My mom always told me, “fashion cycles back,” but I never believed her, until the other day.

I realized a change in my style. I found myself begging my mom for her old turtlenecks and denim skirts that I used to laugh over.

I grew up watching Saved By the Bell and was obsessed with their style. Jesse Spanocould wore the weirdest pieces and rocked them to no end. Well, I recently found myself looking to Jessie for my own closet inspiration. The 90’s are back!

Denim in ALL forms

Denim looks good on anyone in any form—skirt, jacket, jeans, chambray shirts, whatever your heart desires.

“Dad” Sweaters

After you ask for some old "Mom jeans," ask Dad for an old "Dad sweater." Your parents are more stylish than you think. 

Off The Shoulder

Off the shoulder calls for the perfect mix of flirtatious and classy.

Muscle Tanks

Sun’s out, guns out.


They’ll make your legs look long and lean…(plus, they’re loads comfier than low-rise!).



The perfect accessory for any outfit.


Who knew Lisa Turtle would start such a fun fad?!

One Piece Swim Suits

Okay we can’t all look like Kelly Kapowski in a one-piece, but a girl can dream.

Bomber Jackets

The baggier, the brighter, the better.

The Top Knot

The top knot is the most versatile hairstyle— perfect for a night out or a long night stuck in the library.


No matter how much trends change through the years, confidence will never go out of style. 


Who knew that the cast of Saved By the Bell would set the tone for 2010’s fashion?! People continuously comment on what a fun time the 90’s was for clothing, but now it’s our turn.