Role Model Spotlight: Carrie Hope Fletcher

When she is not singing on theatre stages, or writing stellar books, Carrie Hope Fletcher is gracing our computer screens via her successful Youtube channel. Carrie is one of the kindest and fiercest women on the internet, she is a role model for young people all over the world. Fletcher said she does find it a little terrifying having people look up to her and that she is very aware her followers watch her every move but she does not let that dictate her life to an extent. “I think the main thing is to continue being true to myself,” said Carrie. “I’ll never do anything just to cater or pander to the audience I have. I need to be 100% behind it too. Otherwise it’s completely pointless.”

Fletcher has had quite the impressive career, she recently just wrapped up her stint as Wednesday Addams on the Addams Family UK Tour. Carrie’s spectacularly spooky time as Wednesday was not her first time on the stage. Fletcher’s favorite and most memorable role she has played was Eponine in Les Miserables. “All the roles I’ve played have a very special place in my heart,” said Carrie. “I wanted Eponine for the longest so I think she wins by default but Wednesday... she’s pretty cool.” Fletcher’s love for the theatre goes all the way back to her childhood. “I honestly don’t know where the love affair began,” said Fletcher. “Musicals soundtracks and movies have been played in my house ever since I was a child so I suppose that love has always been there.” Carrie has the triple threat of being theatrically talented, writing, and her Youtube channel. Fletcher’s channel features vlogs to her brother and sister in law, backstage adventures, and her singing. “I love sharing anything I’m passionate about,” said Carrie, “Usually that comes in the form of a backstage vlog and showing people what myself and the cast get up to behind the scenes.” Carrie started her Youtube channel when she was “funemployed” and trying to be discovered by acting agencies. Fletcher said she was tired of doing nothing in the mean time. The Dear Tom&Gi vlogs came a few years later when Carrie began touring with shows and she did not got to see her family as often.

“The Dear Tom&Gi vlogs are also great,” said Carrie. “Because I don’t often get to hang out with my brother and sister-in-law so it means we get a chance to catch up in a very creative way when we’re not together!” Carrie Hope Fletcher is also a well known author. Fletcher has written All That I Know Now, On The Other Side, Winters’ Snow, All That She Can See, and in summer 2018 her newest book, When The Curtain Falls, will be out. Fletcher’s books have such uniquely wonderful concepts. Carrie’s voice, no matter how she is using it, is full of power. Whether she is using her voice to write, sing, or talking about something she is passionate about. “It’s hard to explain where ideas come from,” said Fletcher. “They’re an amalgamation of a million thoughts, dreams and sparks of imagination and it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact moment of conception.” Carrie adores reading books just as much as she does writing them. Fletcher said books have massively shaped her. “The novels I read growing up hugely shaped the way I think and have therefore influenced pretty much everything I choose to do,” said Fletcher.

While Carrie was influenced by books growing up, young women all over the world are influenced by Carrie. Carrie’s advice for those young women and young women everywhere is to stand up for themselves and get the respect they deserve. “Standing your ground and making sure you get shown the respect your deserve,” said Carrie. “Doesn’t make you a ‘bitch’. Some people will try to tell you otherwise but it’s not true so don’t be fooled into backing down when you’ve been wronged.” Carrie has a powerful voice, weather she is using it on the stage, in her writing, or on Youtube, her voice is full of power and acceptance.