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Medicine cabinet packed full of skincare products
Medicine cabinet packed full of skincare products
Megan Charles / Her Campus Media

Reasons why you should wear sunscreen every day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Alabama chapter.

Sunscreen has been a social media skin care tip for years. But who actually takes the time to apply (and re-apply) sunscreen every day? Why should you?

#1 Sunscreen Prevents Aging.

The sun’s direct rays can cause wrinkles in the face and body. The less direct sun exposure you get, the better for your skin! Sunscreen protects your collagen, keratin, and elastin proteins, which make the skin healthy. Sunscreen can also reduce the creation of sunspots, which look like little moles on the skin, and keep skin looking youthful for years.

#2 Sunscreen Prevents Sunburns (Duh).

The most obvious reason to wear sunscreen is to prevent sunburns! Why not avoid all the pain of a sunburn with one simple step? Sunburns also put you at a higher risk for getting skin cancer. Skin cancers like melanoma that can cause major health problems and even death. Sunscreen can reduce your risk for skin cancer by 40% and reduce your risk for melanoma by 50%.

#3 Sunscreen Helps Reduce Blotchiness.

Do you ever have red marks on your face that no cream seems to get rid of? Sunscreen keeps veins in your face from erupting and therefore, lowers the amount of redness and blotchiness. Sunscreen also prevents worsening of Lupus and Rosacea!

#4 Sunscreen Prevents DNA damage?!

You got that right! Sunlight can damage DNA. Damaged DNA can cause tumors to form, immune sys-tem problems, and overall health issues. Sunscreen can significantly reduce the amount of DNA dam-age that occurs due to sun exposure!

It can be a hassle to add something to your routine but putting sunscreen on is definitely worth it! It’s one of the best ways to keep your skin happy and healthy!

Fallon Austin

Alabama '25

Fallon is a marketing major at the University of Alabama with a Blount Scholars Program and a real estate minor, who is from Tennessee. When not focused on schoolwork she is either at an Alabama football or basketball game, writing either in her free time or for one of her many clubs. Fallon works for victims of interpersonal violence and is an animal rights advocate. She loves all things Alabama, animals, rom-com, 90's, and Walker Hayes!