Out of Luck: Alabama Brings Home #15

When the Tide rolls in the luck runs out.

On Monday, January 7th, the Alabama Crimson Tide made history, winning their third national title in 4 years.

The media have taken to a particular description for Monday night's outcome, calling it a "dynasty." However Nick Saban's response to the new name indicates that's not quite what it's all about.

 "I don't think words like 'dynasty' are really words that I'm much interested in...I think it's really special. And one of these days, when I'm sitting on the side of a hill watching the stream go by, I'll probably figure it out even more,” Saban said. “But what about next year's team? You've got to think about that, too."

In the first three minutes, Alabama's run game exposed the number one defense in the country, when Eddie Lacy, the offensive MVP, ran in for a 20-yard touchdown. By the end of the first half Alabama was up 28-0. It was not just Alabama vs. Notre Dame at the half: it was men vs. boys. By the end of the fourth quarter, the Crimson Tide finished Notre Dame off 42-14. The Crimson Tide finished with 529 total yards, while Notre Dame finished with 302. Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron completed 20-of-28, four touchdowns and 264 yards, making history as the first starting quarterback to win back-to-back BCS National Titles. And as for senior center Barrett Jones, this was his third national championship as a starter but his first as center. In 2009, Jones was the starting guard, a redshirt freshmen, and it wasn't until the 2011 season when coaches asked him to move to left tackle. Three national titles, three different positions—quite impressive.

Other standout performances came from freshman running back, T.J. Yeldon, who finished with 108 yards of 20 carries and 1 touchdown.

Not only did Alabama prove to be number one in nation, but Notre Dame didn't even show up. What will happen next for the Alabama Crimson Tide? Could it be three years in row? Vote in this week's poll question!





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