No Strings Attached

Name of organization: No Strings Attached

Organization type: student led, acapella group 

What is the objective of your organization? 

We meet twice a week to prepare for a biannual (once a semester) concert! We also sing the national anthem at sporting events and conferences around campus! We are a group of students from  all walks of life and all parts of campus who bond through our love of singing.

What events do you plan to hold this semester/what is your next event?

Our concert is April 18th at 8pm in the Ferguson center theater! We will be showcasing all the music we've worked on this semester- it's going to be a blast! And free!

How can others get involved in your organization?

We do auditions every fall shortly after Get on Board Day! Our social media accounts as well as our table at GOBD will have more information for people to sign up!

What is your favorite part about your organization?

Julia Daniels- Freshman: "My favorite thing about NSA is that we always treat each other like family. I was automatically welcomed even on my first day of practice and that was really nice

Jill Pocius- President, Senior: "My favorite part about no strings attached is that everyone is from all different parts of campus! We have engineering majors, biology majors, PR majors, etc. yet we all come together for a common love of making music together!"

For more information, please contact: Jill Pocius, President (630-222-1548) or [email protected]

Social media handles: Insta- @ua_acappella

Twitter- @UA_acappella

Facebook- @TheUniversityofAlabamaNoStringsAttached