My letter to anxiety

You left me. I cannot say that I am hurting, because all things must go. I have finally outgrown you. You no longer have the ability to control my thoughts or make me feel any less of a human being. You no longer cause me chest pains and cold sweats. I am fully free from you. Even if it is only for a moment, I know you may come back, but each time you come back I have more ammunition. Some days, you had me backed into a corner. Other days, you had me thinking that the world did not love me. Each day, you grew stronger and stronger until I finally had enough of your foolishness.

    I packed your bags and sent you on your way. Everything that you hated, I did. Every place that you did not want me to attend, I went. See, my friend, you had me where you wanted me. You had me at the bottom, and one step closer to giving up on myself. Some days, you made the bed my best friend. You made me fear the outdoors, even as much as going to class. You ruined me.

    Now I know that you will be back, but I am fully prepared. You will no longer control my emotions and the way I interact with those around me. You will no longer back me into a corner and push me away from the ones that I need the most. You will remain powerless. I will continue to overcome you.