A Lesson For The Intern

If you're in college you have heard of the internship. It's this mystical, door opening, life-altering position. If you're like me, the whole interning thing sounds a bit too hyped up. I took one anyway. Internships are invaluable experiences. Of course, you'll learn some career things, but what makes an internship amazing is the lessons life throws at you, not your boss.


When I decided to take my position, I was a wreck. I was nervous. I was afraid of the hype. I was dreading taking a 40 hour a week commitment. I had overblown the company's expectations of me, and I knew I would never meet these fictional benchmarks. I walked in knowing nothing, and guess what, I didn't die. Companies KNOW you know nothing. You haven't worked in the field, or anywhere, before. They know that no matter what your resume says you will be green. Don't let not knowing stop you from doing something. We all start as beginners in our careers and our lives. That's why we go to school or listen to gurus. So, let yourself be new and soak up everything you can. You're going to suck and that is the most fun part. Don’t let being new stop you.


Being an intern means adjusting to some crazy new things like a 40 hour work week and not having time for yourself. Suddenly your parents being exhausted at a desk job makes total sense to you. I fell into the pattern of eating, work, sleep, repeat. It feels like there is no time. Suddenly, 24 hours is not enough. I had to learn to make myself a priority again. I had to learn to have some sort of self-care even when I felt like there wasn't time. Whether self-care is doing laundry and picking up or actually taking a bath, do it. You cannot function without taking care of you first. Just do something every day for you.


Whether it's self-care, trying something new, or something else entirely. Being an intern will stretch you and teach you. There are going to be moments of frustration. There will be moments of breakthrough. You will learn with each of these moments. Take the lessons and appreciate your experience. Internships may be super hyped, but it's for a reason, they teach you so much. Take the opportunity and learn. Trust me it's worth it.