It's Ok Not To Be OK

It happens to the best of us at what seems like the worst time. A school paper you forgot about is due tomorrow, you have double booked yourself, or your boss is hounding you because you missed that one shift. Too many things are not going to way you planned. All of a sudden your precariously balanced world is crashing down, and you feel like you won’t make it out alive.

    I am not writing this to tell you-you will be ok. You know that already. I am not going to cite the “what doesn’t kill you makes to stronger’ mantra because to be honest that not always true. Just because it doesn’t kill doesn’t mean it won’t break you. I am here today to tell you (and myself I guess) that you can put yourself back together tomorrow, but for today- it’s ok not to be ok…

There is this belief that we need to have it together all the time. I myself have bought into this idea too. I need to constantly need to be working, improving myself, doing something because if I am not I feel like I have no worth if I am sitting idle. Deep inside of me, I know this isn’t true as I think most of us know too. We can’t have it together all the time, and that's ok. Have a lazy day, get someone to cover a shift, skip one day a the gym. Do whatever you need to do to just stop and relax. And when that day comes along when you just want to throw it all to the wind and cry… do it. It’s ok to cry, it’s ok to break down, it’s ok to not be ok for a while.

Life is hard. Acknowledge that; no one will think less of you and honestly who cares what they think. It is easy to feel like everyone is watching and judging you, but I am here to tell you that everyone has inner struggles and bad days. Without bad days, you aren't able to have good ones. So find your friend, a good Netflix show, and some ice cream and just for today let yourself not be ok.