International Relations Club

Name of organization: Alabama International Relations Club

Organization type: Student organization

What is the objective of your organization?: To both promote international relations and awareness at UA and to foster political and international discussion and involvement among UA students and the UA community.

What events do you plan to hold this semester/what is your next event?: We just held a small tabling event in the Ferguson Center for International Women's Day, but in April we will be traveling to Chicago to compete in the University of Chicago's Model United Nations Conference.

How can others get involved in your organization?: We love to welcome new members, regardless of major, political identity or other identifier. We hold meetings every Thursday in Lloyd 226 at 6:30 PM, and we often promote social activities outside of meetings, like going to trivia or bowling! Model UN conferences and teaching Model UN in the surrounding community are also large parts of our organization. 

What is your favorite part about your organization?

"My favorite part about IRC is the sense of community it provides and the amount of knowledge (book, social, you name it) I have gained from my peers. I've been in the club since my freshman year and an officer for the past two, and the people I've met and the conferences I've traveled to have really opened up my eyes to different experiences and ideologies, which I think is something really unique and not always available during college." -Rachel Adkins, President, Senior 

"I joined IRC because knowing the latest pop culture gossip doesn't count as being up to date on current events. My involvement with IRC has expanded my world view and allows me to regularly engage in conversations with fellow students about our opinions on what is happening in the world and how we can work together to improve our global community. I see strong leaders in our club members and I am thankful for the opportunity to hear their ideas and see their success." -Kara Fadanelli, Outreach Director, Senior

For more information, please contact: Rachel Adkins, [email protected] Social media handles: Twitter- @AlabamaIRC

Facebook- Alabama International Relations Club