I Go Out Less This Semester and Couldn't Be Happier

I used to think that my only option on a Friday/Saturday night was to go out My life fell apart if I stayed in one time. Only weird people do that, I thought. Or this is my time and I have to make the most. As a freshmen, most weeks I forced myself to party Wednesday-Saturday.

Then I became a sophomore and realized this lifestyle was in no way healthy, mentally or physically. School work became a struggle and the gym felt like Narnia. I woke up in a cycle of constant regret and headaches.

This year, however, I finally saw the light through this regretful routine. I learned that the world wouldn't end if I missed a huge fraternity party or the band at Rounders  (that no one even pays attention to).

Now, I have time to do things I've been longing to check off my list. This weekend, I did not go out once. Thursday, I studied and hung out with my roommates. Friday, I participated in my first ever fashion show. To top it off, on Saturday, I spent all day in a cave. And I am completely content.

The bar will always be there (and so will that haunting hangover). Don't overdo it. Go out when you want to, not when you "have to." Your life will change for the better, I promise.

(My friends and I challenging you to stop feelling like you "have to go out." Do what you want!)