How to Travel on a College Student's Budget: Nashville

How to spend a weekend in Nashville for less than $100!!

This past weekend, I visited Nashville for the first time. I was blown away by the city, but even more blown away by how little money I spent. Here’s how I did it!



First of all, driving is usually cheaper than flying. Take someone’s fuel efficient car so that you’re not guzzling up gas--or your wallet. From Tuscaloosa to Nashville (and back), we spent roughly $30. Not bad, compared to a $300 flight!

As for in the city, public transit like Uber and Lyft are generally cheaper than parking downtown. Use FREE Uber/Lyft codes by opening a new account (or having a friend do it for you!). This should come to zero cost, but maximum $5 each.


The rise of Airbnb has allowed young travelers like us to afford what we actually want to do. Instead of paying $100 a night for a sketchy motel, you may pay that for an entire house for the weekend. Our Airbnb was the upstairs of a family’s house in East Nashville, for just $90 the whole weekend ($30 each!!).

It’s always cheaper to stay a little outside the city. This doesn’t mean you’ll miss the action; it just means you’ll miss the hefty prices.

Also, the more the merrier. Pack all your friends in a room and split the cost. After a long night on the town, I promise you won’t care where you lay your head, anyways.


Eating out can get expensive. Bring a cooler with sandwiches and snacks. Plan where you’ll eat out and stick to that. Also, don’t pick the first restaurant you see--no matter how hungry you are. Scope out the prices first, then eat!

Don’t spend all your money on drinks, either. Get started before the Uber gets there (and before you start paying $10 a drink).


In big cities like Nashville, there are endless attractions: museums, concerts, bars. The key is to pick what you actually want to do, and can afford. We went to the Listening Room one night, for just $12 (this is a famous concert venue in Nashville).

Besides that, Nashville has endless FREE LIVE MUSIC all day and night. Find the free stuff first, then choose something you really want to pay for.

Research first, too. Look online for cheap tickets or Groupon deals. This will save you lots of money for your next trip!

Traveling can get expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. I never let my small college student budget to hold me back from traveling experiences. There are always ways to get around the hefty expenses. Now you don’t have any excuses, so get out there and experience the world (for a fraction of the price)!