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We love our college towns –we chose them for a reason– but sometimes it’s fun to get out of town! Here’s how to make a weekend getaway, spring break adventure, or even a semester away as fun and inexpensive as possible!  

Drive, not fly! 

While Allegiant and Southwest offer cheap flights, it’s better to drive to Nashville, Atlanta or Tupelo from Alabama. It’ll save you baggage fees, Ubers to and from the airport (one time it cost me $225), and airport prices. 

Prioritize your budget! 

When I went to Nashville for a concert, I knew I would be dropping a fat bag, so I cut some of my Alabama costs down to make room for everything Nashville related. Since I get food from my sorority house, I ate there more instead of going out, didn’t buy any other clothes (because I wanted that cute Treat People with Kindness sweatshirt), and even stayed in one night instead of going to the bars. If you know you have something coming up, sacrifice a little bit while in Tuscaloosa so that your destination is way more fun!  

Use Airbnb or a friend!  

While some Airbnbs may price surge around a big game or an event, they are generally cheaper than a hotel. You can even ask in group chats if anyone lives in the city you’re travelling to, and you can crash at their hotel or house for the price of groceries or a cleaning fee! 

Be flexible about dates! 

Do your research before traveling to see if some dates are cheaper than others. If you’re okay with missing class or don’t need to be in town for something special, be willing to change your dates!  

Find free things to do around the city and use student discounts! 

Most museums offer student discounts or can be discounted in general during the afternoon. In DC, it’s free to go the National Mall and in Nashville, there’s no fee to listen to the bars’ music on Broadway Avenue. Google is your friend! 

Whatever you decide to do, have fun and be safe! 

MJ Miller

Alabama '24

MJ Miller is from Los Angeles, California and is thoroughly enjoying her studies at the University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa. MJ loves spending time with her friends and making Taylor Swift playlists.
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