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How to Start Living Like a ‘Gossip Girl’ Character

Let’s be honest: anyone who has ever found themselves at least slightly invested in the hit CW show Gossip Girl has dreamed of living the lavish life of Manhattan’s elite. After crying a little inside when Netflix took Gossip Girl off of the streaming service (I still don’t want to talk about it), I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what really makes the show so special to so many people. I think most of its magic comes from its ability to transport you to a glittering world that most of us won’t ever get the chance to experience–that is, until now.  Here’s a quick list of tips any Gossip Girl addict can incorporate into their daily routine for some extra Upper East Side flair.

Find Your Signature Style

One of the most memorable elements of each Gossip Girl episode was the characters’ iconic outfits. Each character has a very specific style or accessory that you can catch them wearing in almost every episode, like Blair Waldorf’s signature headbands and Serena’s infamous slouchy bags. While you definitely don’t need to don a full designer ensemble on the daily like the girls of the Upper East Side, wearing what you love and what makes you feel the most like yourself with full confidence is a great way to spice up your life.

Be Bold

No matter whether you like them, there is one thing we can all agree on about the Gossip Girl characters: they are always unapologetically themselves. It’s time we take a page out of their book and speak our minds without caring what anyone else thinks. If you are confident in yourself and what you believe in, you glow from the inside out.

Treat Yourself

Treating yourself is a quintessential part of living the luxurious Upper East Side life. You can treat yourself in a myriad of ways ranging from indulging in a yummy dessert, enjoying a spa day with your best friends, to even small acts of self-care like taking a long bath or sleeping in on Saturday.

I hope these tips have encouraged you to live your most extravagant Gossip-Girl-inspired life! 



Caroline Steinfeld is currently a junior at the University of Alabama majoring in Fashion Retailing and minoring in General Business. She is very family-oriented and loves creative writing, going to restaurants with friends, and all things fashion. She is constantly inspired by fashion magazines, iconic 90s movies, and the women around her on campus.
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