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Here are This Year’s Homecoming Queen Candidates

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Alabama chapter.

Educate yourself and vote on October 10 from 7am to 7pm on MyBama!

Her Campus Alabama endorses these candidates for Homecoming Queen. Our members’ votes are their own and they have the right to choose whether to vote and whom to vote for. We encourage all voters to research any and all candidates and to decide for themselves.

Photo and Text Credit: Facebook and Elections Board

Mackenzie Brannan









Philanthropy: Read Bama Read

“Through Read Bama Read, kids love for reading is strengthened in an effort to promote improved educational success by supporting learning and enhancing literacy throughout the Alabama community. This is important to me and my teammates because we know how much education can impact a kid’s life and their future success.”

Abigail Greenberg















Philanthropy: The Andrew McDonough Be Positive Foundation

“B+ has given me the opportunity to connect with students at The University of Alabama that share the same passion as I do, to help find a cure for childhood cancer. For anyone that knows me, childhood cancer plays a huge role in my life. I plan to dedicate my future in my career as a Nurse Practitioner in Pediatric Oncology…. I believe it is time to pull together and stand up as a campus to fight against childhood cancer. They deserve a chance at life and they deserve more than 4. More than 4 is a slogan we use to publicize that less than 4 percent of federal cancer research funding is dedicated to childhood cancer research. I want to be the voice on our campus to change this devastating statistic.”

Lane Griffith








Philanthropy: From Rags 2 Riches

“Its mission is to bridge the gap between college student understanding of the community and the reality of the community itself. It gives the students at the university an opportunity to give back in an impactful way that won’t break their pockets. Some of the groups that have been focused on in the past have been domestic violence victims, low income kinds in extended school service, and single mothers. It will help bring awareness to hardships outside of our college walls.”

Allison Mollenkamp















Philanthropy: Humane Society of West Alabama

“I grew up with shelter pets and so I know they have so much love to give. I want to encourage the policy of ‘Adopt, don’t shop’ so that all pets will have a home. I also hope to encourage responsible pet ownership, especially among college students.”

Alex Smith
















“The Low Income Housing Coalition of Alabama is a non-profit organization that provides statewide membership with the mission of increasing housing opportunities for Alabamians with the greatest financial need. LICHA works closely with other advocacy groups across the state of Alabama, and operates under the impression that every child deserves a safe place to call home.”

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