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Harry Styles performing at the 2021 Grammy Awards
Photo by Francis Specker / CBS

Harry Styles’ Love on Tour: Everything We Needed

Harry Styles’ Love on Tour (HSLOT) only started about a month ago but has proven to be chaotic and nothing short of amazing. After all these months of not having live music due to the pandemic, I wouldn’t expect it nor want it to be any other way. With that said, here are my top five iconic moments of HSLOT so far.

Harry’s Interaction with Halsey

Halsey, who was once a One Direction fan herself, was spotted at one of Harry’s New York concerts at Madison Square Garden in the pit. During his encore of “Kiwi,” Harry changed his lyrics from “I’m having your baby,” to “You just had a baby,” in honor of the birth of Halsey’s son earlier this year. This sweet interaction felt full circle and wholesome.

“WAtermelon sugar” confirmed nsfw meaning

I think it’s safe to say we all knew that our speculations on what “Watermelon Sugar,” is about would be true. In Nashville, Harry confirmed that the song is about the “sweetness of life” and of course, the female orgasm. Although he told fans what they already expected, the crowd went wild with excitement. I guess his shows are no longer family shows… Or are they?

Fan Mishaps

One of my favorite things about HSLOT so far is the various fan mishaps and weird moments that have happened. One fan accidentally got pepper sprayed at one of Harry’s concerts, and another fan posted a TikTok in which she disclosed that she realized she had only bought parking passes for the show, not actual tickets. Though these situations are unfortunate, they did bring a smile to my face. One fan even bought a metal folding chair that Harry sat on in Nashville. The Devil works hard but Harries work harder.

Awkward Josh & Sabrina Interaction

Joshua Bassett has not had the best year considering that Olivia Rodrigo’s career has skyrocketed due to his love triangle with her and his new girlfriend Sabrina Carpenter. To make matters worse, fans spotted the pair at HSLOT New York, and one of them even said that his interaction with Sabrina looked like an interaction with a fan. Though it’s not confirmed if his relationship with Sabrina is over, let’s just say that made me happy—and hopefully Josh was in the bathroom when Olivia’s “Good 4 You,” played on Harry’s pre-show playlist.

Playing Dress Up

One of the best parts of HSLOT is that fans treat each concert like a fashion show. Whether they are dressed from head to toe in sparkles, pay homage to his songs with their outfits, dress exactly like him, or dress up as the various fruits he has sang about, his fans never fail to disappoint. From taking over TikTok with OOTD videos to invading subway trains, Harries know how to leave their mark with their clothes.

While Harry’s tour is halfway over, I have all the hope that his shows are only going to get crazier from here.

Hailey is a sophomore studying Public Relations with a concentration in Sports & Entertainment Communication Management at the University of Alabama. When she's not busy with school, she loves to travel, go to concerts, and dream about her future.
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