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Saturday, October 1, 2016 is homecoming at the University of Alabama. It was preceded by a week of festivities – lawn decorations, dance competitions, pep rallies, and even a huge bonfire on the Quad. But homecoming is about more here at the Capstone than the party or even football. It’s about tradition. Tradition is what the Crimson Tide is built from. Tradition is deeply ingrained into the hearts of every fan, from those who cheer on the Tide in Bryant-Denny Stadium to those who come just to set up their tailgates on Thursday nights at the Quad for a great gameday atmosphere. Homecoming represents everything that the University of Alabama is and ever will be, and this year we focus on a legendary legacy – how to honor, build and live in a way that reflects the values of this great university and apply them to our lives to make everything we do matter. So whether you are cheering on the Tide at Bryant-Denny Stadium or carrying on the legacy of the Capstone in your career, community, or beyond, ask yourself: How can I be legendary?

Just a small town girl taking on the world with a dream and a camera. Catherine Ann is a junior at the University of Alabama, majoring in Economics and minoring in French. She has travelled Europe, South America, and Central America, but her thirst for adventure won't let her stop there. Her passions include seeing the world, eating great food, enjoying the written word, and, of course, photography.
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