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Halloween 2021: This Year’s Best & Trendiest Costumes

With COVID19 still being very prevalent last year, most people had to put their Halloween festivities on hold. This year, Halloween is back and in full swing! Everyone is more than ready to get dressed up for their night out in their most fabulous attire. Here are 12 of the best and trendiest costumes we will be seeing a lot of this Halloween season! 


Pitbull made his return and has been in full swing since his tour began in August. This Halloween, he will surely be the center of attention as one of the funniest costumes of the year. Just grab your bald cap, aviators and a microphone, and you will have the perfect night as Mr. Worldwide. 


The classic fairy is a super easy and cute go-to costume. Whether you decide to go solo or match with your whole group, fairies are going to be one of the trendiest and most adorable outfits this Halloween.

CruElla DeVIL

The new Disney Cruella movie definitely left us all in awe, especially with the fabulous looks spotted throughout the film. This costume makes for a good last-minute, yet very fashionable outfit, perfect for Halloween night.

Angel and devil

With Halloween on pause last year, we’re going back to the classics this year with the timeless angel and devil duo. Another way to spice up this costume is dark angels and devils. This doubles as a perfect best friend or couple duo! 


Y2K era fashion has made its comeback this year, and what could be more fitting then dressing up with your entire squad as Bratz dolls? This is a fun twist on the classic Barbie costumes we have seen everywhere over the past few years. 

Serena and Blair

With the reboot of Gossip Girl out, everyone is dying to go as this iconic blonde and brunette duo. Who doesn’t want to rock the cute, preppy schoolgirl look? This could also be done as a group costume! Just get yourself a Dan, Nate, and Chuck, and you have your whole Upper East Side crew. 


Who wasn’t mesmerized this year with the new Netflix original series, “Bridgerton”? The music, love stories, and of course the costumes were iconic. With the huge cast, this is a great option for the whole squad to do together! 

Princess Tiana and charlotte

Disney duos are always a great go-to for Halloween costumes, but this costume definitely takes the cake as one of the cutest best friend duos! This is a super adorable and unique idea for Halloween night.  

Britney Spears

With the “Free Britney” movement taking over mainstream news in 2021, we will be seeing lots of Britney costumes making a comeback this year. Her iconic and over-the-top performance outfits will definitely rock any Halloween party. 

Megan fox and machine gun kelly

This power couple truly dominated 2021. Glamorous and elegant, this is the perfect couple’s costume for this year. 

Squid Game 

Squid Game rose to the top of the charts this year as Netflix’s most-watched series ever. The captivating show features players in green jumpsuits and guards in pink jumpsuits with different shaped masks. This makes for an easy, comfy costume that is sure to be seen all over this spooky season.  

Harry Styles at the Grammys 

Last but not least, a true iconic moment- Harry Styles at the 2021 Grammy’s. Stylish, yet fairly simple, costume is sure to be trending and worn by all of his fans this Halloween. Just grab a purple or green boa, and you are ready to dress to impress.   

Gabriella is a writer for the University of Alabama chapter of Her Campus. She is a freshman studying Fashion Design and English with a minor in Creative Writing. She is actively involved in her sorority, Gamma Phi Beta, and loves spending time with her friends. Her dream in life is to move to New York City to start her own fashion line and become a published romance novelist.
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