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With the end of the spooky season, comes the beginning of a new holiday season. For some it’s Thanksgiving, but for others, it’s all about Christmas.


Come November 1st, all I see is Christmas. The stores line their aisles with decorations, kids write their wish lists, and radios play our favorite holiday songs. But Christmas is still 54 days away, and there’s another holiday in between!



Thanksgiving is a forgotten holiday. No one seems to care about all that Thanksgiving has to offer: the good food, the good company, and (my personal favorite) the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


Not only has Christmas taken over the month of November, but it’s taking over Thanksgiving Day now too! Every year stores push Black Friday farther and farther into Thursday. Most people just spend the holiday camping outside of stores for the best Christmas deals now!


Thanksgiving is still a holiday. And, while I agree Christmas is “the most wonderful time of the year,” it needs to stay in December.


Often times Christmas can be too focused on the material things. Thanksgiving is just what we need before the Holidays to remind us of all the intangibles we have that are far more important.


I am from North Carolina.I am currently a junior majoring in Marketing at UA.
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