Five Podcasts You Should Be Listening To


I have a weird relationship with podcasts. Sometimes I get really into them and can listen to eight episodes in a row without pause. The next week, I find myself stuck in a rut without anything interesting to listen to. No matter what your interests are, below are five podcasts that are easy to listen to and can help broaden your horizons on a multitude of topics.


1. NPR Up First


NPR’s Up First is a great way to stay connected and updated with several current events without having to read through article after article of a New York Times. The average runtime of episodes are about 11 minutes and they are very easy to digest. I listen to it on my morning bus ride, which lets my brain wake up while also gaining insight into current news.



2. My Brother, My Brother, and Me


This podcast is hysterical and a great way to pass some time on a long road trip or just during your hour in between classes. The hosts are three brothers who answer questions and give advice in a very funny way.



3. Sleep With Me  

This podcast is easily the one I listen to the most. Basically, the host will tell a bedtime story and the dulling tones will literally bore you to sleep. It is a great comfort when you’re feeling anxious, and often relaxes me when I can’t seem to fall asleep.



4. Stuff You Missed in History Class


This podcast is a great way to get your history fix without having to drone over a textbook. The hosts discuss lesser known topics and make them easily digestible to the listeners.



5. The Savvy Psychologist


This is one of my favorite podcasts at the moment. Dr. Ellen Hendriksen uses evidence-based research to discuss and debunk psychological concepts, such as feelings of inadequacy or how not to care what people think of you. This podcast is very applicable for just about everyone, and the episodes are very short (avg. 10 mins)!