Feel and Look Amazing in Tuscaloosa: Two Must-Visit Local Beauty Businesses

Tuscaloosa temperatures are at an all-time low, and overall gloominess is at an all-time high. Don’t let this dreary weather bring you down, change your look and your mood for the better by visiting the local beauty professionals featured below. These Tuscaloosa business women are both not only successful, but also are equally passionate about helping you feel confident, rejuvenated, and beautiful. Who runs the world? (Girls!)


Misko Skin Care Studios

Services Offered: Facials, Acne Removal, Brow and Body Waxing, Cool Sculpt (body sculpting treatment), Body bronzing, and more

Instagram: @StudioMisko

Photos courtesy of Misko Skin Care Studios  

One of Tuscaloosa’s premier spas, Misko Skin Care Studio, is located in a Victorian two story blush cottage, lined with a picturesque white picket fence and surrounding greenery. The skin care studio is in very close proximity to UA’s campus, and serves as an oasis of relaxation and overall wellness.

Misko Skin Care Studio is run and managed by the charismatic self-described “one woman show,” Kelly Misko. Misko is a licensed Master Esthetician and Cool Sculpting Team Leader, with over ten years of experience in the aesthetic industry. As the Studio’s owner, she is passionate about helping her clients feel more confident, and states that, “having people trust me with their skin care needs is an incredible privilege.” Additionally, Misko singlehandedly treats each and every one of her clients, and credits her ability to relate to her clients on a personal level and attention to details, as what sets her apart from others in her highly competitive field.

  Kelly Misko offers a wide variety of services, including an new innovative treatment “CoolSculpting” - a body sculpting treatment that eliminates fat for good by selectively targeting and freezing unwanted fat cells. As this treatment can only be performed within a physicians practice, Kelly performs CoolSculpting procedures in local medical office Bear Creek Medical& Aesthetics. CoolSculpting is non-surgical and FDA approved, making it a great alternative to cosmetic surgery, as well as a great option for a wide variety of clients who have any sort of unwanted fat they want to eliminate. This life-changing natural treatment is clinically proven, safe and very effective.

  Misko Skin Care Studio approaches skin-care in a very holistic and all-encompassing manner, including treatments that fall into the broader spectrum of beauty services, in addition to standard facials and peels, treatments include body bronzing, eyebrow waxing and tinting, collagen treatments, and more. The skin you’re in will be yours for a lifetime, and is worth treating with great care! For more details (and booking info!), visit their Instagram, Facebook, or website.


The Glam Factor

Services Offered: Eyelash Extensions, Eyebrow Tinting

Instagram: @TheGlam.Factor

Photo courtesy of The Glam Factor

 As someone who has not been naturally blessed in the eyelash department, I have spent countless tiresome hours toiling with eyelash glue, strips of false lashes, different mascaras, and eyelash curlers. I think we all can agree that the application of glue-on false lashes can be tricky and highly uncomfortable! That being said, Eyelash extensions were a complete game changer for my previously short and stubby lashes, and suddenly I found myself excessively fluttering my lashes into my front camera on Snapchat and started wearing eyeshadow for the first time in years. Lash extensions seemed to improve the appearance of not only my lashes, but also my entire eye area, and I was obsessed!

 Here in Tuscaloosa, Ashara, Head of The Glam Factor eyelash extensions describes her practice as, “an experience designed to enhance and embrace all aspects of beauty.” Eyelash extensions are great not only for special occasions or events, but also just to add a fun new enhancement to your normal look. After your first full set, lash extensions typically need to be filled in about once a month, but the maintenance and upkeep in between those appointments is practically non-existent. In fact, lash extensions can decrease the time of your overall beauty routine, by making the use of mascara completely unnecessary.

Entrepreneur and eyelash extension technician Ashara Head runs and operates The Glam Factor, and is very committed to “providing services tailored to fit the preferences of each costumer,” and states that The Glam Factor “greatly values individual beauty and believes striving to help you look and feel your best is very important.”  If you’ve always wanted lengthy lashes, and are exhausted from the tedious process of applying uncomfortable fake glue-on lashes, this just might be the look for you. Check out their IG account @theglam.factor , as well as their website for pricing, booking, and any other additional information.