This Eye Candy Will Get You Through Finals

Struggling through finals? Running out of motivation? Feeling hopeless and tired?

Here is some encouragement from a few men you may recognize. They are slightly better-looking than your chemistry notes.


Ryan Gosling may be watching over you at the library, who knows?


You owe it to Nick to do great on your finals, now. Come on girl!


Liam is the only person allowed to say that and I will study for him all day.


When all your friends hit the bars instead of the study room, just think of this photo. Would you really want to disappoint Ryan Gosling??



When in doubt, listen to Zac Efron. You can stare at more pictures of him when you're done!


Finals are awful, I won't lie. You will get through them, however, and these hunks believe in you. Don't let them down!