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Emma Clements

Name: Emma Clements

Year: freshman

Major: chemical engineering

Hometown: Lubbock, TX

Relationship status: single

Favorite TV show: Supernatural

Favorite food: pancakes and Indian

What’s the best part about Alabama? “I love the campus atmosphere, the people, the school spirit and the opportunities.”

What clubs have you gotten involved in since coming here? “I’m in Gamma Phi Beta and Computer Based Honors and Crimson Kindness.”

How do you like the sorority life? “I love being in a sorority! I love my sisters to death.”

What do you like to do in your free time? “I listen to a lot of music and binge watch shows on Netflix and read.”

What do you like to read? “I am reading 1984 right now. My favorite book is The Great Gatsby.”

What do you like to watch on Netfllix? “Right now I’m watching friends but I also watch a lot of Doctor Who and Parks and Rec and American Horror Story.”

Who are your favorite bands? “My favorite bands are Fall Out Boy, Marianas Trench, Twenty One Pilots.”

What do you like most about yourself? “I’m always optimistic and I like cheering people up.”

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Helmi Henkin

Alabama '18

Helmi is a senior at The University of Alabama from Menlo Park, California studying psychology and French. She has been to 78 countries on seven continents! Her favorites are Finland (since that's where her family lives), Bali and Antarctica. When she's not in class or traveling she loves reading, singing and songwriting, and hanging out with friends.
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