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E! Shows: “The Arrangement” and “The Royals” are back


We can’t help but love these dramatic and seductive shows.


The Arrangement focuses on Megan Morrison, a young actress set to play the lead in a film with famous actor, Kyle West. She ends up accepting an “arrangement” or contract marriage to West. The TV drama details the complicated relationship between Megan and Kyle as well as the deep undertones of deception and control in Hollywood. The show follows the lives of individuals pursuing the guidance of The Institute of the Higher Mind, a cult-like organization.


The Royals centers on British Royalty who struggle both publicly and behind close doors with the intricacies of family politics and betrayal. Characters and their decisions threaten the stability and image of the British monarchy. The show follows Queen Eleanor, a powerful and manipulative woman; Princess Eleanor, the rebellious and seductive daughter; and Prince Liam, the womanizer, in the fight for power and order.


Be sure to catch up on the latest episodes at E! Online or through your local TV provider.


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