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Don’t You Dare Politicize #MeToo

The #MeToo movement made me feel as if, being a young woman preparing to enter the workforce, the world was looking out for me. Society finally cared that women could not feel safe at social events, around certain people, and even at work. If the world cannot always stop sexual violence before it happens, at least sexual predators will face serious consequences for their actions. This made me feel powerful. This made me feel heard. This made me feel safe.

    Recently, however, I have noticed some wavering in those who have been so vocal in the past about sexual assault allegations. Advocates have been quick to stand with the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh and Harvey Weinstein, as is the point of the #MeToo and #BelieveWomen movements. However, I have watched these same advocates, politicians and voters alike, gloss over new allegations against Justin Fairfax. This is not unlike how people seem to constantly forget about the allegations made against former president Bill Clinton. Democrats have tried to paint themselves as the socially progressive and moral party, and in many circumstances, I identify with them. However, when you paint your party as the “woke” party, you have to stick to it. You can’t ignore progression when it hurts your agenda. This is not a true progression. This is the opposite of hearing women. This is continuing to use women to push your agenda forward while ignoring them when it conflicts. Both parties like to pretend that they listen while continuing to use women to their advantage.

    With the current norms, if a Republican assaults me, Democrats use my allegations while republicans question my motives. If a democrat assaults me, Republicans will use my allegations while democrats question my motives. In order to actually change anything, everyone must hold everyone else accountable. Each accuser should get equal attention and respect, regardless of the victim’s or the accused person’s political stance. This is the only path to real progression. If we hope to actually help survivors and prevent sexual violence, we must believe women. And by women, I mean all women.



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