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Dealing with Fatigue? These Tips Might Help


I think we can all agree that we love a good nap. But what do you do when you are constantly feeling low of energy, no matter how much sleep you get? Last semester, this was my constant issue. If you are having extreme fatigue, I would of course recommend going to the doctor to rule out any serious health issues, but for those who just feel tired a little too often, these tips might help!

Less screen time

Multiple studies have linked excessive cell phone usage to tiredness and anxiety. If you have an iPhone, you probably know that there is a feature where you can see your overall time you’ve spent on your phone. It even shows how much time you’ve spent on each app specifically and you are allowed to set limits for any app and your phone will tell you when you’ve exceeded that limit. Every week, I look at my screen time and I think, “Ok how can I make this lower for next week?” I set limits for each app or delete an app for a few days completely, which helps screen time decrease dramatically. If you absolutely have to use your phone often, and in light of having mostly virtual classes, I also recommend getting blue light glasses. You can find resonably priced pairs online and owning a pair myself has helped reduce my headaches a ton! Also try not getting on your phone 15-30 minutes before planning to fall asleep, since being on our phones late at night also contributes to not getting enough sleep. 

Fuel your body with nutritious food

Since this pandemic especially, I’ve found myself picking up from fast food restaurants way more, and that’s totally ok! I am sure many others are too. The important thing is to make sure you’re getting all the daily nutrients you need. I recommend paying attention to how certain foods make you feel, because it helped me notice that I felt more off after I ate high sodium meals or drank too much caffeine in a day. I started cutting out certain foods and noticed a change in my energy levels. It is also important to drink tons of water each day. Try taking vitamins daily as well. Eating a well balanced and nutritiousness diet is key in remaining energized throughout your day.  As college students, we all know first hand how hard it is to be healthier, so give yourself grace but take care of your body.

Get some movement in!

I am definitely not a person who loves to do strenuous workouts. I’ve learned that workouts do not have to be extreme for them to count. Try going for a short walk or doing a quick workout video in the comfort of your own room. For me, working out just a few days of a week has made me feel so much better and gives me more energy for my day. It doesn’t have to be about losing weight or gaining abs, but about being overall healthy! According to mayoclinic.org, exercise helps your “heart and lung health improve, [and] you have more energy to tackle daily chores.”

Plan for a productive day

When I wake up in the morning, I try to immediately get up. Laying there for a long time after waking up made me even more exhausted. Even if it’s just moving to the living room couch to sit, I’ve found it has been incredibly helpful for me. Try to plan at least one major productive thing each day. I know it's easy to lie in bed and commit to doing nothing for the entire day, and some days are just plain hard, so do what you can.  It’s important to note that rest days are completely okay and necessary for the times we are living in.

I am so hopeful that in 2021 many of us will work to become the best version of ourselves. Listening to our bodies and recognizing habits we can change and approve are what promotes growth, healthiness, and stability, both mentally and physically. 


Takera Davis

Alabama '23

Takera is a sophomore at The University of Alabama pursuing a degree in Human Development and Family Studies. In her free time, she enjoys painting, writing, and trying new things! She hopes to work with children one day and make a difference in her community.
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