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University of Alabama was featured as one of the most visit-worthy Starbucks near colleges and universities worldwide! The ‘Tut Starbucks’ is a spacious location that oozes school spirit, featuring a life-size elephant mural in homage to our mascot and bold lettering to cheer “Roll Tide.” For your next late-night study session, try out Her Campus’s recommendations based on your major!

Public Relations → Mango Dragonfruit Refresher

This sweet Starbs drink is on the creative side of their menu and as such it’s the perfect drink for PR majors who always need an extra dose of creativity for their daily work. Just like the name suggests, this drink refreshes students so they can remain on their caffeinated go.

Psychology → Iced Dirty Chai

An iced dirty chai is the perfect mix of tea and coffee that’ll give you a boost while satisfying your sweet tooth. This drink is an even more perfect match for Psychology majors who study the mix of mind and behavior. Psych students are always debating the merits of nature vs. nurture and usually agree that nothing is ever black and white, it’s a mix like a dirty chai.

Math → Black Coffee

Math majors always follow formulas and their discipline is no-nonsense. This being said, the only perfect Starbuck beverage is black coffee. No-nonsense there but enough caffeine to have you working through any formula thrown your way.

English → London Fog

English majors often have their heads in the clouds, always imagining or creating or dreaming of far off plans or places. While not too far away, London offers a tantalizing literary scene and is the home of many famous authors and stories. So it’s only fitting that to see English major through their creations, they take a sip of a London Fog.

Pre-Medicine → Cold Brew

Pre-med students are on the go; they’ve got places to be and patients to see. They can’t be waiting around for coffee and any hot beverage choice would get cold throughout their hours of studying. So a cold brew is the only way to go. With a kick to keep them going while they study biology, chemistry, and anatomy (oh my) a Starbucks Cold Brew will see them through.

What is your favorite drink to study with?

Madison Glatz

Alabama '23

Madison is a junior at the University of Alabama studying Psychology, Spanish, and International Studies. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Madison hopes to pursue a career in the field of legal psychology. When not studying or writing, she is most likely trying to make a dent in her To Be Read pile, running, or eating Trader Joe's pasta.