Changed: I Fall, I Rise


This week, I decided to share one of my poems. Through the past weeks, healing has been the main focus for me. Last week, I shared with you guys how journaling was an outlet for inner peace for me. Sometimes I choose to write poetry, it is very therapeutic. This particular poem is about me noticing a change in myself and wanting to get back to a normal me. I just took my pen and paper and started letting my thoughts flow. I hope you enjoy it!

Changed: Her Story

When her smile is not as bright,

When her laugh is not as loud,

When she no longer wants to hang in a crowd,

She’s changed…

Everyone has noticed the change---including her

She doesn’t want to face the change

Oh my, she’s changed…

She’s no longer herself,

Her nights have become nothing but a pit of darkness

---Her days are no longer balls of sunshine

She’s changed…

One day her heart will not ache with pain,

One day her smile will be bright again,

Her laugh will fill up the room,

She will be made whole.

But, for now, we all must accept the harsh truth

She’s changed.


By: Aundralesha Wordlow