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Welcome to the finale of the Build Your Closet series! Today we’re going to be talking finishing touches and putting everything together. After spending this semester walking through the steps of building your dream closet, it’s finally time to present your new wardrobe to the world. But first, there are a few final details we need to cover.


A cute jacket is the perfect way to make a good outfit great. Whether it’s a structured blazer over a girly mini-dress (like this one from Princess Polly) or a puffer over some corduroy pants (like these colorful ones from Urban Outfitters) and your favorite sweater, outerwear can elevate your closet to a new level. The North Face carries tons of sturdy winter coats (especially if you’re braving below-freezing temperatures) that are also stylish and long-lasting. Aerie and American Eagle have cute and cozy coats that are more fashion-forward, and you can find the perfect blazer at H&M or Zara.


Every woman needs a good purse. Purses are some of the best pieces to invest in. I would recommend shopping at a designer outlet near you to find a good deal. My personal favorite brand is Coach – especially since their recent rebrand that made their products more relatable to this generation’s style – but brands like Longchamp and Louis Vuitton manufacture quality, stylish bags for all your needs. If you’re wanting a smaller price tag but still good quality, Kate Spade or Michael Kors are great options. Although lower priced designer bags aren’t necessarily a good investment in terms of resell, they’re still well-made, worth the money, and can be perfect everyday staples. 


Nothing will make you look your best like confidence. No matter what you wear or how you do your makeup or hair, feeling good about yourself will always make you beautiful. Being confident in yourself will make others see confidence in you–and if you don’t feel like that, fake it ‘till you make it. Picking out the perfect basics and statement pieces, finding your aesthetic, and carefully selecting accessories will give you a foundation for the perfect outfit; loving yourself will make you more beautiful than any blazer, dress, or pair of heels.

Megan Johnson

Alabama '24

Megan is a writer for the Alabama chapter of Her Campus. She is a sophomore at the University of Alabama and currently double majoring in English and Advertising. In her free time, she enjoys reading, art, shopping, and being with friends. She has a passion for social justice and loves to give advice, watch movies that make her cry, and FaceTime her sister just to see her cats.
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